Travelling With a Disability

What Disability? Lets Travel!

Millions of people around the UK and all over the world suffer from one disability or another… or even multiple! I know we all say, they are the same person disability or not… and do you know what?! I most certainly agree. Take the ‘dis’ away and you are left with ability. Whether you have a disability or not, you still have the ability to get out there and live the dream. The ability to travel and enjoy holidays is for everyone. When leaving college, sixth form or the comfort of your own home and mothers cooking, we all find that urge to head out into the adventures of the world and try our very best to devour the vast sense of responsibility and freedom that it brings. This is no different to those working a type of disability, whether it be physically or mentally.

Holidays for some can present major challenges and those can feel that they have to miss out on these experiences because of it. But, the can-do spirit of the human race never stops anyone. The passion and determination of those competing in the Paralympics have given many with disabilities the self-confidence and drive to do what they can and what they want to do. Anyway, less of the woffle and more of the talk, check out some of these holiday adventures that major challenges can’t even stop.

Grab Your Boat… You’ve Pulled!

A cruise is a great choice for anyone with any disability, especially those with mobility problems. Many of the oceans voyagers are made accessible for wheelchair users, with wheelchair friendly public areas and cabins in any class that your budget allows you to stretch to. have won the award for top boyo’s for their outstanding work with cruises available to the disabled.

You Need to Ski it to Believe it!

It can sometimes be a passive thought to think that a day on the slopes is far beyond the reach of anyone with a disability but yet again, I’m here to prove you wrong! It 2016 and the activities and availability on offer are incredible. arrange that dreamt about day on the glistening white surfaces of Austria a certain reality and encourages those working with physical and mental disabilities to hit the slopes at the ski resort of Fugen.

Is it Too Late Now to Say S-Afari?!

Sorry for the title of this section, but, I just couldn’t help myself. Is it too late?! Back to it… So this is one of the easier holidays to sort but one that cannot be missed. An African safari is one of the top 10 holidays for any sane traveller and offer any tourist, especially those with limited mobility, to chance to head out in adapted vehicles across the African plain to enjoy the vast wildlife with some of the best safari hosts.

These are only a few of the incredible trips available but if you search into the depths of the Internet, you will, find a ridiculous amount more. Travelling with a disability can be a challenge at times but the accessibility to find holidays for those with a disability can be is vast and don’t cost the earth. If you want any more information on the post, what has been mentioned or about me J then please don’t hesitate to comment below!

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