Travel Tips: Be Smart… Save Money!


Travelling can be one of the best experience in your life but if not done right it could also be the most costly. Everybody is different and have various ways in which they feel can save them money when travelling so that you are not blowing your load within the first few days.

Do Your Research!

Spending a few days before you head off researching the country you are about to embark on, along with finding out how you can save and if there are any deals you can take advantage of.  The world and its inhabitants are all about saving money and there are an incredible amount of business, websites and other resources all set to save you money and offer you discounts.

When visiting galleries, landmarks or museums it is always a good idea to check the website as I have found in most cases that at certain times and on certain days you are able to enter free of charge due to it being a Sunday or if you can prove you are a student etc. By taking five minutes to check the website you may save yourself enough money to partake in another activity or visit another attraction that you may not have been able to go to before.

Local Transport Is Your Friend

It maybe easier to jump into the nearest taxi which will take you anywhere you need to go but they are considerable more expensive than using the local transport or even taking a scenic walk there (as long as its not too far!) Most countries in Europe have the luxury of public transport systems, much like the London Tube, and has proven to be a more cost effective way to travel.



You may never stay in hotels as they are the much pricier option but not many think of renting an apartment. Whether you are with a group of friends or the family, renting an apartment can turn out to be a much cheaper option and will allow you to explore your surroundings without any restrictions. Instead of feasting on a hotel buffet and a continental breakfast at your hotel, you can head out and try some of the local cuisine instead!