Top Websites To Remember For Your Holiday

Although it can be tempting to leave it all behind when you head out on your holidays, it can be a good idea to make a quick checklist of some key things not to forget when you go abroad.

In particular, there are a range of websites that can aid you in further enjoying your holiday experience. And so here are a few great websites that can make your holiday all the more special.



Whilst our holidays should always be packed full of fun, there can be the occasional moment of downtime – particularly when travelling. But even the most traumatic airport stopover can be made a little more bearable thanks to the SNESFUN website that allows you to play retro Nintendo games on your mobile device.

Or if you’re looking for a little more adult fun, then the Fortune Palace website gives a great rundown of live roulette games that can provide an authentic and atmospheric gaming experience no matter where in the world you are.

Travel tips


And similarly, should your travel plans go slightly awry, it’s always a good idea to check up on the latest real-time traffic information courtesy of the Waze app that can help get you out of a tense foreign travel situation. One of the trickiest things to face as a global traveller can be the bewildering range of baggage weights and sizes permitted by different airlines. So before you stock up on too many foreign goodies, be sure to check Skyscanner’s handy guide to cabin luggage restrictions so that you don’t get stopped at the airport gate.



Another issue to face when travelling abroad is the different environmental factors that could have a negative impact upon your health. The FitForTravel website provides an overview of the different vaccinations you may need before heading to a particularly exotic location. Whereas the Daily Mail recently featured a handy infographic that clearly illustrates, which countries in the world have safe drinking water.



And whilst travelling abroad can give us the fun feeling of being far away from home, we can sometimes get caught in confusing situations thanks to the language barrier. But a quick visit to the website can eliminate any confusion caused by foreign language issues. Whereas the renowned Google Translate app provides a massively powerful translation tool, all from the convenience of your mobile device.

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