Top Tips To Enjoy Punta Cana This Summer

Top Tips To Enjoy Punta Cana This Summer

Once you have booked yourself a great Punta Cana resort and you have found the cheap flights to get to your destination, you normally think that your holiday is all sorted. When heading to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, there are many different places to go and activities to partake in, to stop you from flying to this beautiful place and finding yourself lying next to the pool sunbathing for five days.

When I think of Punta Cana, like many other people who have holidayed there, I automatically think of the East Cost beaches, but there are a wide selection of off resort activities like Zipline Adventures, swimming with dolphins and even outback safari. I have been to Punta Cana and I feel that these are some of the best places to go whilst you are enjoying a holiday away in this beautiful paradise.

Punta Espada Golf Course

Being an avid sportsman, I do enjoy the occasional round of golf and there is nothing better than playing 18 holes in the sun and in a different country. This golf course has been listed among the world’s finest courses and it also boasts of its best golf course in the Caribbean and Mexico ranking by GolfWeek. Not only are you spoilt with incredible views of the carribbean but you are confronted by a challenging stroke play course with some holes played along and over the sea.

Punta Cana Dune Buggy Adventure

Again I favour the sporty side of my personality and have to talk about the incredible experience of half a day’s dune buggy adventure. If you have spent too many days sat beside the pool and need to get your adrenaline pumping, half a day of trekking over the Punta Cana dunes is just the remedy you’ll need. When you finally get a chance to take a break from thrashing the buggy around, you can gaze at an incredible landscape, the beautiful countryside and even some of Dominican Republic’s widely known banana plantations.

Mega Truck Country Adventure Safari

Now, I know I have been talking about more physical activities but with this one you can actually sit back and relax, well, unless you are a keen photographer or lover of animals. Once you have ventured out of the centre of Punta Cana, you can enjoy the real sense of what the Dominican Republic is all about. On this off road adventure you will get to see some of the native animals, splash across many rivers and even enjoy a true cup of Dominican coffee on the way. Check out for more details.



Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park

If all this is a bit much for you and you simply wish to be amazed whilst taking a gentle stroll then why not head over to the Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park. This reserve is the only private reserve in Punta Cana with some saying that it is one of Dominican Republic’s best-kept secrets. The 1,500 acres boasts of 12 refreshing and breathe taking lagoons for you to take a dip in as well as the chance to explore on horse back, Segway or by foot with one of the reserves expert tour guides.

So whether you plan to spend your days lay next to the pool or you are ready to explore the depths of the Punta Cana, you can be sure that you will be occupied for days or even weeks with the wealth of adventure this paradise offers. If you are worried about getting around, don’t worry! Taxi’s over there are now accepting debit card payments! Why cant all countries do this? Ran out of cash and want to go somewhere else? Don’t worry if you have an international debit card, you can just use that! Awesome.

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