Top Places To Visit in Tenerife

Every year millions of people from all over Europe hop on to a plane from the many airports around the globe and make way for the sunny island of Tenerife. Not only is Tenerife a popular tourist destination but it also entices many from the TV and film industry, who are all looking to capture the islands beauty and immaculate views.

I for one love Tenerife and have been on numerous occasions. Once you are past the hustle and bustle of the typical tourist types, you can really start to appreciate Tenerife in all of its beauty along with seeing and doing some great activities along the way.

On this map of Tenerife in Canary Archipelago you can see the island in all its glory and start mapping your adventure around this scenic island. If you are staring intently at the screen and wondering what to do first (I do this all of the time) then don’t worry, here are our top 4 places to visit in Tenerife.

Siam Park Tenerife

Siam Park

If it is fun that you are looking for to start the holiday off with a bang, then make sure you head to Siam Park! Although this isn’t part of the natural beauty of Tenerife that I keep banging on about but it is still an amazing place and somewhere that shouldn’t be missed out. Siam Park is listed in the top 10 best water parks in the world and it is clear to see why. If you love splashing around and the thrill of shooting down some of the parks best slides then you are in the right place. Like in all groups, we know, there is always a party pooper, one person who doesn’t want to go to the water park… don’t worry, this amazing water park also boasts an enormous wave pool complete with a gold sand beach for even the most boring of friends to enjoy!

Tenerife Boat Trip

Boat Trips (Whale and Dolphin Adventures)

The waters surrounding Tenerife are full of nature and can be enjoyed by all. We have all been on these trips before in other countries (don’t remind me of my failed dolphin experience in Marbella) but Tenerife is one of the only places you are pretty much garenteed to see a population of whales or bottlenose dolphins. You can book a boat ride to ride along side these amazing creatures or you can go on a personal tour where you can get close and personal with the incredible bottlenose dolphins at the dolphinarium in AquaPark.

Masca Tenerife


Masca is a picturesque village, which clings on ever so dearly to the side of the northwest mountains in Tenerife. This village is hidden from the rest of civilisation and still is inhabited by the original tribe who keep it looking as it did centuries ago and still use old school practices today. This beautiful village is a must see and a trip back in time for any avid explorer. For those with fears of heights… don’t let the steep corkscrew road put you off this incredible excursion.

Pyramids of Guimar

Pyramids of Güímar

We all know that the most popular pyramids in the world are those standing tall in Egypt, but Tenerife is also home to the Pyramids of Güímar. The pyramids of Egypt may be grander than Tenerife’s but the Pyramids of Güímar offer a sense of mystery and could be the missing link between civilisation then and now. Here you will be amazed by these get pieces of Spanish history with a sight into a place filled with ancient artifacts, beautiful scenery, tranquil grounds and reed ships.

Hopefully I have captured you imagination and have shown you only a very small number of amazing places to visits and activities to get up to in Tenerife. Don’t let the typical beached tourists put you off, Tenerife really does offer a great place to relax, explore and party.


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