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So I have recently landed back in England after an absolutely ridiculous time in the heart of Barcelona with some of my nearest and dearest friends from back in rural Shropshire and although I plan to tell you all about the crazy time we had along with the shoulder wars in the see and the many hours spent drinking, I wanted to first tell you all about just a few of the places I managed to make my way to and enjoy. Here is my top 5 places to visit in Barcelona.

La Sagrada Familia

The La Sagrada Familia is an incredible piece of Barcelona architecture, which has been on the build for since 1882 and is still not even complete! This beautiful cathedral, created by architect Antonio Gaudí, is said to still have over 40 years left on the constution side of business but nevertheless is still one of the places I advise for a couple of hours spare in your day. At first glance, it isn’t to everyones taste but when you get closer and take the time to inspect this gothic cathedral you will soon fall in love with it just as I did.

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Les Ramblas

Along with the numerous boulevards in the US and around the world, Barcelona’s Les Ramblas is along one of the most famous. Throughout the day you can take a stroll down this mile long boulevard which home to some of Barcelona’s best restaurants, bars and shops. In addition to these tourist hangouts, when walking down you will come across beautiful flower shops, musicians entertaining in the streets and even a chance to try your luck listening to your fortune by one of the many fortune tellers. Although incredible during the day and of course in the night, from first hand experience, be careful of the night walkers who parade up and down the street as they don’t think twice when going in for the kill and delving into your pockets for your valuables.

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FC Barcelona (Nou Camp)

Now for all you fellow sport lovers out there, no trip would be complete without heading to the ground of FC Barcelona. Although, whether you are into sport or not, make time for a trip here as it is one of the truly amazing pieces of architecture which you can be amazed by in the city. You have two options when at the Nou Camp, first you can purchase a ticket to view inside the stadium and of course the hugely impressive museum in there, or for the more sport mad tourist, you can purchase a ticket which will not only allow you to see the stadium and museum, but you will also see behind the scenes and visit the VIP areas, Press Rooms etc. This can be a great stop for all visitors and only costs between €16 to €30.

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Montjuïic is a great place to head to if it is a leafy stroll you are looking for and a nice climb to the top of one of Barcelona’s beautiful hills with truly incredible views. This is a hard place to get to but is definitely worth the journey and is for people who are not most fond of tourist heavy places. Montjuïic is found close to building and venues of the 1992 Olympic Games which only add to the excitement and adventures of this activity. To those wanting the to conquer something on this trip, head to the top of the hill and enjoy the views all around, including one extraordinary lighthouse.

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Fundació Joan Miró

Although Barcelona is rich with culture, architecture, restaurants, bars and incredible walks and views, it also has many other little treats for even the most pickiest of travellers. If you are an art lover or just someone who is looking to be amazed then a stroll down to the Fundació Joan Miró should definitely be on the cards as it is one of the most incredible museums in the world. This remarkable museum is home to over 200 historic and contemporary paintings and over 100 fascinating sculptures. I am sure that you must want to share these wonderful photos immediately with your family and friends or on social networks. But as you are in a foregin country, you can only get access to the internet when we reach the hotel. Here I can give you the best solution that is to get portable wifi in Spain, you can find out more info about All Day Internet Spain and its great device to share your information whenever and wherever you want and enjoy your trip with your friends as if they were with you in Barcelona!

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