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Top 8+ Things a Travel Addict Can’t Live Without

For travel addicts and people who are constantly on the go there are a few essential items that one simply cannot travel without! Whether you’re travelling alone or in company, it is always important to be prepared and know which necessities to bring on journeys. From portable batteries to multivitamins, here is a list of items a travel addict simply cannot live without!

  • Portable Charger and a Spare Battery

Travel is made for exploring which means constantly being on the go and rarely in your hotel/apartment. This means packing things that can help you stay out longer such as a portable charger for your phone and portable devices. While this isn’t vital and not meant for you to spend the entire time travelling on your phone, it is simply to ensure that you have access to you lifeline at any time and should anything happen!

Similarly, spare portable batteries are essential to always carry around. You never know when one of your devices may run out of battery life and the next time you’ll be able to acquire the right kind of batteries.

  • Entertainment

If you’ll be spending a lot of time on planes, buses or cars a great way to pass time is to have a bit of entertainment. Thanks to portable devices and streaming platforms it is now possible to always watch shows and movies on the go. For example, the streaming platform Chili is perfect for travel addicts as it lets you download content and watch it offline at any time!

Every traveler should always carry around a good book. While you shouldn’t spend the entire time travelling reading and buried in a book, this is a great pastime for moments spent in airports or waiting to get somewhere. If you’re travelling somewhere with nice weather and parks or beaches a good book is great to have while enjoying nature and sitting outside.

  • Apps

Gadgets and apps make things a lot easier for frequent travelers. A few apps essential while travelling are: a currency converter, in order to keep track of your spending; Here, an app similar to Google Maps and Waze but that does not require Wi-Fi as long as you pre-load your destination map beforehand; Skyscanner, making it easy to navigate, search and book flights even while you’re currently travelling!

  • A Travel Adaptor

A travel adaptor for multiple devices is crucial for any traveler. Hotels normally only have one plug which makes charging multiple devices a nightmare. Having a travel adaptor for multiple devices on hand ensures that all your devices will be charged and ready for the next day of travelling!

  • Vitamins

Travelling constantly and always being on the go can sometimes affect the body. The best way to remain healthy and ensure that you can enjoy every day of your travelling is by nurturing your body with multivitamins.

  • Comfortable Shoes

Another essential item for every traveler is a pair of comfy shoes! Whether you’re backpacking through Europe or visiting major cities like New York City you’ll want to have a good pair of shoes on your feet to ensure long and painless days of exploring. If you’re travelling somewhere warm make sure to pack comfy sneakers and if you’re travelling to the cold invest in comfortable and warm boots.

  • Neck Pillow

While not everyone can sleep on planes and busses it is no secret that these are not the best places to relax. If you have long haul flights or trips planned make sure to carry around a neck pillow, in order to rest your neck comfortably and relax during this travel time. No one wants to deal with a sore neck!

  • Good Quality Suitcase

Any experienced traveler knowns that investing in durable and high quality luggage means travelling well and stress free. A durable carry-on can not only last many years but can get through any situation and environment. You’ll want to make sure all your clothes and valuables remain intact and this is the best way to do so! Narrowing down the list of essential items a travel addict simply cannot live without is certainly difficult as there are endless necessities that a traveler can carry around during a trip. These 8 however are truly the most necessary to ensure a smooth travel experience!

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  • Golden Smith

    May 23, 2019 at 10:51 pm

    Great article about a place that I had never even thought about visiting. Interesting to hear about the situation there and amazing that you went the length to get the true story about what it’s like.


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