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My Personal Top 5 Travel Essentials

As a travel writer/blogger, which ever you decided to categorise yourself as, I often feel as you all might do that I have hit the jackpot in terms of jobs. Along with my busy schedule of also running my own company my passport and I attempt to travel to as many counties each year as possible. Most of the time my travel life is spent migrating from plane to plane and hotel to hotel, but I cant complain as the parts in between I am able to enjoy some of the worlds wonders in some of the most amazing countries.

When I’m plane and hotel hoping as I do, I some times miss place my belongings and am constantly needing to replace them. Although this can sometimes be expensive, there are a number of travel essentials that I never travel without. As anyone who travels full or part time will tell you, airline fees for baggage are getting progressively more expensive and making what you choose to lug around with you on your travels more selective.

While I would love to bring everything and the kitchen sink with me because like my Nan (bless her) I love to overpack, my poor backpack is unable to fulfil my travel requirements and I like to pack the these under-noted travel essentials to help me blog while I’m flying around the world.

1. My Galen Leather Accessories

Travel Essentials

Last year I was fortune enough to get my hands on some of Galen Leather’s incredible travel items which have proved invaluable on my trips around the world. Galen Leather’s handmade traveler’s note books and their handmade leather iPad case. You may think that this is a in the top travel essentials but without it and with my poor memory I wouldn’t be able to note all of my adventures and quickly jot down my adventures. (Yes, you may say use your phone but I’m old school and much prefer a pen and paper.

The handmade traveler’s note pad is always kept in the side pocket of my backpack so that I can note down my adventures and then the leather iPad case keeps my iPad safe in my backpack when it gets thrown around and in/out of planes. And they look bloody cool!

2. GoPro Hero 7

I’m fairly new and lets be honest very late to the travel vlogger scene. If you have checked out YouTube channel you may have noticed the few vlogs I have attempted to make and mainly failed due to my bad luck with electrical equipment. I do have a few vlogs on their way which I made recently with a GoPro Hero 7 and for the small time vlogger that I am, it does the job incredibly well. Not only is it small, making it travel friendly, but the video quality is incredible for its size and the new in camera stabiliser is a vloggers dream!

BUY HERE: GoPro Hero 7

3. Anker Portable Charger

Outlets are scarce when trekking through the streets of Vietnam or the old towns of Europe, so I always believe a backpack friendly portable charger is packed to ensure that my phone, GoPro and iPad, if needed, are always charged and available for use. You never know what you could miss if you a have zero battery. I currently use Anker portable power banks as they seem to be the most reliable, durable and give the best number of full charges before needing to recharge. In addition to the pros listed above, with our phones becoming a necessity for safety and GPS, this can be an invaluable piece of kit in your backpack.

BUY HERE: Anker Portable Charger

4. SteriPen Ultra

Like most travellers, when looking to hydrate I am always drawn to bottles of fresh water rather than chancing an upset stomach by guzzling down the local tap water. Where bottled water isn’t readily available there is no safer way to consume the the regions water by using a rechargeable and portable purifier. Not only does it make water drinkable but it also reduces the consumption of plastic waste. Keep it green people!!

travel essentials

5. Portable Clothesline

You may have got to this last travel essential and decided that you do not agree with my top 5 choices but I guarantee that from experience that if you take these items with you, your globe-trekking adventures will be that more enjoyable. I know what you’re thinking, a clothesline, a bloody clothesline?! Yes, a clothesline. After days or even weeks of travelling in the minimal clothing you’re able to pack, there is nothing nicer than putting on clean clothes.

Where a cleaning service or washing machine isn’t available the sink is your only option. There is nothing worse than popping on wet clothing the next day after you’ve strategically hung your clothes in your room but not well enough. With a portable clothesline your clothes will be easy to hang and free of dampness for your next adventure. It’s small and backpack friendly so it seems ridiculous not packing it, do you agree?

Don’t agree with my top 5 travel essentials? Let me know what yours are in the comment section below!

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