Top 5: Conquer the Fear… and Ski


Whether you are looking for a beautiful place to watch the sun bouncing of the snowy mountains, enjoy skiing down steep slopes or are a ski and board enthusiast, then choice the perfect place can be difficult with the amount of places offering this.

If like me you are quite indecisive and need a help in hand when choosing that perfect destination to hit the slops then hopefully my top 5 ski resorts will help you decided.

St Anton (Austria)

St Anton has to be number one in this top 5 with its incredible ski action, a beautiful and traditional Austrian town populated with some of the friendliest people you will meet. This ski resort normally attracts a younger audience due to its selection of bars and nightclubs to carry on the party off the slops. Don’t let this sway your decision though as you are sure to have an incredible time at this amazing resort.


Chamonix (France)

This French resort is perfect for any thrill seekers looking for an adventure. Chamonix is home to The Glaciers on Les Grand-Montets and on Mont Blanc, which have been said to be the most impressive but also most dangerous. To really enjoy the thrills of skiing be sure to higher a top guide to take you to all of the best locations so that you can take advantage of what Chamonix has to offer. After taking on the French side of the glacier, you can recuperate and feel welcome at one of the many bars at the bottom.


Verbier (Switzerland)

This picturesque resort with views of Matterhorn and Mont Blanc from the top of Mont Fort also offers a great selection of bars and restaurants for you to take a time out and enjoy the views over a Swizz pint. After you have put your camera down and have recovered from a decent meal, it is time to take the slops by storm and embrace what is known as the home of extreme skiing, which is also host to a number of competitions each year. Even for a novice skier, this is a great place to go with the chance to sign up to numerous progressive skiing schools with some of the top ski instructors.


Whistler (Canada)

Whistler offers a slick skiing experience with a chance to weave in and out of the trees dotted over the mountains so you can feel like your finally feel like a secret agent in a James Bond movie. For the extreme skier, Whistler is the ultimate playground with a chance to attack the best natural jump ramps and the ever-changing scenery and type of snow under foot.


Jackson Hole (USA)

The best of best can be found at Jackson Hole in the colder parts of the US. The mountains surrounding the ski resort are ridiculously steep and are only tackled by the most experienced of skiers. Jackson Hole offers a number of testing routes and locations, the most unnerving of locations has to be the 20 foot drop of Corbett’s Couloir. Jump in your dare!


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