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Top 10 of the World’s Best Places to Visit in 2016

The world has lots of great places to see and interesting cultures to experience. Some destinations can be very expensive to visit and there are so many variables to think about , ranging from flights and accommodation to car hire or even visa’s. Before booking a holiday you should always look at multiple hotel comparison sites before making your final choice on the destination you would like to visit. One example of a good hotel comparison site is comparehotelprices.co.uk.

Read our guide to discover where you should consider travelling to next.

1. Albania

Albania is a truly beautiful country which is well worth a visit. Although it might not be a popular tourist destination at the moment, it’s bound to become one pretty soon. It’s a good idea to visit sooner rather than later, before it’s spoiled by too many tourists. There are some beautiful beaches and unique buildings to look at.

2. Kenya

Kenya is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes on the planet. You also get to see big cats and other wild animals in their natural environment. Check up to date travel recommendations before booking, and make sure your travel insurance covers travel to Kenya.

Rhossili Bay

3. Wales

Wales might not have the best of reputations, but it is a very beautiful place to visit. Snowdonia in particular is an inspiring place to visit. If the weather is kind then you can have a great holiday in Wales.

4. China

China is a huge country with lots to see and do. From the tropical south, to the freezing north, there is a lot to experience. Shanghai and Beijing are well worth a visit. Also consider travelling off the beaten track to see more traditional china.

5. India

The Indian economy is booming at the moment. India, like china is changing at an alarming rate. Consider visiting now before the traditional way of life disappears forever.

6. Hawaii

Hawaii is such a laid back place that it’s worth a visit. You will be able to forget all the stresses of modern life and get back to nature. The scenery in Hawaii is amazing.

Eiffel Tower

7. France

France is very easy to get to, thanks to the channel tunnel. This makes it possible to have a short holiday or even a weekend trip in France. Whether visiting Paris, or spending time at Disneyland, you will find lots to do.

8. Australia

Australia may be a large country, but the population is still quite small. This means that there are plenty of beautiful areas which are unspoiled. There are also some unique animals including the beautiful koala bear.

9. Cyprus

Cyprus is a great place to visit from the UK thanks to the short flight time and hot climate. There are also some unique attractions and historic sites.

10. Malaysia

Malaysia is another booming Asian country which is changing very quickly. The cities are amazing and it’s worth visiting the unspoiled areas before they are lost forever.

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