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10 Tip-Top Travel Activities

When you’re travelling for a prolonged period, it’s easy to run low on inspiration for amazing travel activities.

But not to worry, here are 10 tip-top travel activities that will turn up your travel fun to maximum overdrive.

Learn a Language

If you’re visiting a country where a different language is spoken, try to learn it. Whether you learn from a local or using a language app, you’ll be developing a valuable skill.


Blogging is a popular activity for avid travellers because it allows you to chart your adventures and share your passion. And you needn’t be restricted to blogging – if your adventure inspires a song, poem or novel, write it down for posterity.


If you’re more of a visual person, a vlog makes a good alternative or addition to writing. With vlogs to make, there’s even more of an onus on you to explore the coolest places your destination has to offer and share them with your audience.  This VloggingPro guide to starting a vlog will help get you going.


One of the best things about travelling is sampling delicious authentic cuisine. So why not take things one step further and learn how to cook local dishes yourself? It’ll save you spending money on eating out and you’ll feel accomplished adding to your foodie repertoire.


Photography isn’t just for fun because it makes a great hobby too. So research those Instagrammable spots, find new and exciting angles and share them in a blog. Or better yet, find your own picture-worthy places and give them the publicity they deserve.


Walking is not only a great way to stay active during your time away, it’s also an ideal method to sight-see and find new places as you wander off the beaten path.


Meditation involves making your mind calmer and more focused, so it’s a worthwhile travel activity. With a happy and healthy mindset, you’ll be better placed for getting the most out of your travels. So download a meditation app like Headspace and find your inner peace.


When you’re surrounded by new and beautiful landscapes, it’s the perfect time to unleash your inner artist. So stock up on some pencils, pastels and paintbrushes, and express yourself.


Volunteering is a fantastic activity because it enables you to get actively involved in community life. It’s a great way to make friends and learn more about the place you’re visiting.  


Studying for a qualification with an online course provider like Anglia Distance Learning is a great way to enrich your travels. You can develop fun and exciting new skills such as digital marketing or project management, then return home a more well-rounded person.

Try out these activities and your next travel adventure will be truly terrific!

That’s my list! Share your favourite travel activities in the comments section.  

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