Madrid Festival

Top 10 Things to do in Madrid

Just hearing the word Madrid can make you get a feeling of excitement, as traditional images of Spain are conjured up in the head. Images of poetic spinning matadors, beautiful architecture, and traditional Spanish stews flood the mind like some sort of make believe planet. There’s an aura in just hearing about Madrid that can entice even the biggest homebody to pack up the suitcase and book an extended stay to the capital of Spain.

Here are the Top 10 Things to do in Madrid:

Gran ViaTake a Stroll Down the Gran Via: It is recommended to follow one of the main touristy arteries that runs from the Metropolis Building down to the Plaza de Espana. The walk down the Gran Via will take you by shops, museums, theatres, bars, and restaurants and bars.

Casa de Campo

Explore the Parks: Casa de Campo is the largest park in Madrid (5 times larger than Central Park in NYC), and features the zoo, sports facilities, and water sports.

Tour Plaza Mayor

Tour Plaza Mayor: Completed in 1619, this incredibly impressive square is one of the most amazing sites in the city. Its overpowering architecture and grand square make it a favorite amongst tourists.


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Grab a Cocktail at Chicote: This is the most famous cocktail bar in the city, and has been frequented by just about every celebrity that cuts through Madrid. Ernest Hemingway was a frequent patron here during his time in Spain.

Circulo de Bellas Artes

Catch a View from the Circulo de Bellas Artes: Visit the café to enjoy the majestic skyline of Madrid. This is the perfect location to spend a nice, warm afternoon.

Madrid Festival

Go to a Local Festival: The summer months are the perfect time to take in one of the many festivals that happen throughout the city. Food, music, dancing, and revelry are highlights of the city.

Cocido Madrileno

Eat Great Food: During the winter months, it’s all about the Cocido Madrileno; a Spanish stew made of vegetables, chickpeas, chorizo sausage and pork. Beyond that, stews, breads, pastas, and churros are all amazing.

The Museo del Prado

Visit the Museums: The Museo del Prado, the Reina Sofia, and the Thyssen Bornemisza host a wide variety of art that is sure to satisfy novice art admirers to major colletors.

Spanish Bar

Get Some Drinks: The locals of Madrid are a very outgoing group of people, and enjoy venturing out for a beer, wine, or other beverages. A trip to Melesana is the perfect spot to find a watering hole right for you. A fantastic mix of vintage bars and gritty taverns.

Palacio Real

Tour the Palacio Real: Completed in 1734, this 3,000 room palace is one of the most impressive buildings in all of Spain. Take the time to go inside and take the tour. You will discover amazing beauty, architecture, and some a beautiful artwork.

Madrid is a dream of a city, and boasts an outgoing and rich culture that is sure to delight travelers of all ages. It’s a beautiful city filled with great architecture, food, culture and people.

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