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Man-made Paradise: Top Things to do in Dubai

Man-made paradise seems unbelievable, but that is Dubai for you! Outstanding skyline, incredible architecture, thriving entertainment and obsession with ostentatious, the city of implausible achievements is the hottest travel destination. Bewitching is the only word for Dubai, as come with friends, family or for honeymoon, you will be enthralled.

A checklist of a holiday in Dubai must cover the tallest tower ‘Burj Khalifa’, shopping malls, desert safari, indoor ski-slopes, manmade islands, shopping and entertainment extravaganza. To help you with a wonderful time, here are some of the top things do in Dubai.

  1. Get on top of the world at Burj KhalifaBurj-Khalifa, Dubai

Burj Khalifa, the tallest skyscraper in the world soars 828 m high in the sky. The top level i.e. 148th floor is open for visitors, and here is where I first went. The 360 degree views of the city will truly take your breath away. The matchless feat of engineering and spectacular artwork is the best place to visit in Dubai.

  1. Desert Safari- the Magic of Arabian Nights

Rekindle the magic of Arabian nights with a Desert Safari in Dubai. The golden sand dunes of the timeless desert is an escape from the city. And as Dubai goes by, even desert safari is an unrivalled luxury. Camping, traditional barbeques, camel rides, 4X4 SUV dunes bashing, dinner, intoxicating sheesha, belly dancers, etc. make is an extraordinary experience. The setting sun and the twinkling stars in the dark sky are the perfect setting. I tried my hands at the quad biking, off-roading and sandboarding which added to the fun quotient. 

  1. Shopping in DubaiMall-of-Emirates

Shopping in Dubai is a way of life. The shopping malls and souks are a shopaholics dream come true. Think of anything luxury cars to gold to spices to the latest brand, the city boasts of it all, and even a little more. Shopping counts as one of best things to do in Dubai. The month-long Dubai Shopping Festival (December- January) celebrates the spirit of shopping. Heavy discounts are available on each and everything at whooping discounts.


  1. Dhow Cruise at Dubai Creek

Cruising down the Dubai creek is an incredible experience. Dhow Cruise offers a pleasure trip to appreciate the city’s skyline in the barges of the bygone days. The evening cruise is definitely one of the fondest memories of my vacation in Dubai. The charming ambiance, the soothing pace of the cruise, Bedouin tradition in addition to sheer opulence certainly made me fall in love with Dubai.

  1. Visit Manmade IslandsDubai

An implausible achievement of Dubai are the manmade island archipelagos of Palm Jumeirah, Palm Jebel Ali, Deira Islands, The World and Bluewater Islands. Once here, I was left pondering over the largest man-made and palm-tree shaped island – Palm Jumeirah, one of the amazing places to visit in Dubai.

  1. Learn about the ancient Arabian days

According to my experience, a tour to Dubai is not complete without discovering about the ancient Arabian days. The evolution of Dubai to a global hub of almost everything is cherished at the Dubai Museum. For the same purpose, a five-minute mosey from Dubai Museum, lies another side of Dubai. Walk through the very few historic buildings of the city at the Persian quarter known as Bastakiya. The revamped buildings are now transformed cafes, art galleries and boutique hotels.

  1. The Dubai Fountain

The-Dubai-FountainIf you’ve not seen this, you’ve seen nothing in the city. The Dubai Fountain is the world’s largest choreographed fountain. With over 25 projectors and 6600 lights, the fountain dances to a range of different melodies compelling you to try some moves as well. Shooting water as high as up to 500 ft., the Dubai Fountain casted its spell on me and the other spectators. I was lucky enough to visualize the colorful at its best while sailing in a boat. However, a close perspective of the fountain can be praised by walking on the brand new floating platform. Watching the fountain performing live is one of the must things to do in Dubai and will leave you mesmerized.


  1. Limitless Adventure

Feel the ecstasy of adrenaline as you try out the adventure sports in Dubai. With s much to see and explore, you will never have enough of this place. Delight in the thrills and spills at IMG Worlds of Adventure, world’s largest indoor theme park. Let the speed, excitement and 5D take a toll over you. The child in me was awakened instantly as I headed towards the Wild Wadi Water Park. Set on board to the aquatic roller coaster or modern surf machine. Don’t miss to check out the largest water slide. Got goosebumps right? I also felt the same. But wait! There is a lot more in store. Kite Beach is the top tourist attraction which lures the kite surfers for testing their water sports skills.

  1. 7-Star luxury in Burj Al Arab

Imagine yourself boasting of being at the world’s only 7-star hotel, Burj Al Arab. Sounds good no? Resembling a billowing sail, the 321 m high skyscraper proves to be a perfect backdrop to get photozoned in Dubai. The craze of the building is so high that it ranks amongst the most photographed structures in the world. Often voted as world’s luxurious hotel, Burj Al Arab is an important landmark in the area. My friends were jealous as I told them that I spent a day here as I knew that I won’t get this opportunity anywhere else.

  1. Dubai AquariumDubai-Aquarium

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo welcomes you to reconnoiter city’s huge saltwater crocodiles and captivating nocturnal desert animals. Stroll underneath a 48-metre aquarium tunnel and that too without getting drenched. If the idea of getting face to face with the diving shark and cage snorkeling doesn’t evoke your senses, then nothing else will. Nearly 140 species of marine life dwells at the aquarium. Extend your trip to Dubai to the Savannah of Africa and jungles of Asia without taking a step. Want to know how? Just get going towards the VRZOO and you will come to know about it.

  1. Mall of Emirates

There is nothing better than the ethereal Ski Dubai facility offered by the opulent Mall of Emirates. It sounded nearly impossible for me to ski at a place where the temperature usually soars up to 50 degree Celsius. However the Mall of Emirates has made it possible by encapsulating a penguin enclosure with the temperature dropping down to -4 degree Celsius. A hot chocolate halfway up the ski slope was the best thing I could’ve expected. The Mall entertains every age group by housing a cinema complex and family entertainment center. Shopping opportunities and a whole new set of rides will consume a fair share of your day. 

  1. Dubai OperaDubai-Opera

Complete your tour to Dubai by visiting Dubai Opera. The striking architectural design of Opera building caught my attention in the spur of the moment. The city’s major cultural hub hosts events and shows including opera, theatre, concerts, ballet, exhibitions and conferences. The stage area is so designed that can be transformed into three different platforms – hall, theatre or concert hall. A 2000 seat multi-format venue is the heart of the Opera District. The Dhow shaped Dubai Opera also has rehearsal rooms and smaller performance space outside the main auditorium. A sky garden facilitating scenic views of the Dubai Fountain and Burj Khalifa and a striking rooftop restaurant leaves you spellbound.

I am glad that I explored Dubai to my heart’s content and will surely plan a trip soon again.

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Rekha Bisht is a travel enthusiast who loves to visit the most popular as well as offbeat places of the world. She loves to share her travel experiences with fellow travelers. For planning memorable holidays in India or any world destination, you follow her write-ups.

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