Things To Think About Before You Go Backpacking

Another short blog post to keep you guys. Lets go backpacking …

Planning for a backpacking trip? Regardless of where you are going, or what you plan on doing upon reaching your destination, there are a few things to think about before you set off on your backpacking adventure. These are a few factors and things to keep in mind, as you are planning for the trip.

Remember the Essentials

Sure, you might not need your passport or Visa credit card on your hike, but what about buying supplies locally? Make sure to have these, and other essential travel documents to ensure you can freely travel, especially if you are travelling outside of your home country during the trip.

Minimalist Packing

Pack the essentials but don’t over pack. Do you really need to bring a tablet, smartphone and laptop? Probably not. Only bring the essentials, and consider the items you are actually going to need (such as food, water, emergency supplies) as opposed to the “want-to-bring” items on your trip.

The Right Backpack

How do you carry a couple canteens of water in a bag which is going to rip when you open it? Or, how can you pack the food you bring if there is only room for a couple small items? Make sure the backpack is not only large enough, bur sturdy enough to ensure it can withstand the weight of all items you bring with you.

If you are planning on going back packing for a few months then you should make sure that your belongings are stored safely. One way to make sure they are stored safely is to get a storage locker. One example of a site which can help you find a storage locker is Also make sure you pack a camera to capture photos of your trip, maps so you won’t get lost, and if you have any wireless Bluetooth devices, such as GPS, it may prove beneficial. These are only a few tips to keep in mind when planning for your trip. Plan early, plan wisely, and think about essentials, rather than those items which are convenient to have to ensure you will have everything you need during your trip and travels in the event an emergency does occur during your hike.