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Taiwan: An Untouched Resource


Taiwan is home to over 23 million people and is just 100 miles off the South-eastern coast of China. This beautiful island situated in the Pacific Ocean is known for its incredible forestry, steep mountains and its rich heritage and culture. For all you holiday goers wishing to escape the winter chills, Taiwan is the perfect destination. It is believed that the best time to travel there is between October and December, although you may have to keep an eye out for a surprise typhoon at this time as, which may spoil the fun.

If you can’t get enough of the culture that Taiwan has to offer then you may need to visit during the Chinese New Year. This is the most important festival in the Taiwanese calendar lasting for 3 days, although the downfall is that most shops and restaurants close during this period. But who needs shops and restaurants when you’re soaking in the atmosphere and listening to Chinese New Year songs, right?

Other festivals to stick around for:

Mid-Autumn Festival
Dragon Boat Festival
Hungry Ghost Festival
Ching Ming Festival


Taiwan offers the perfect solution to any traveller or holiday maker if a timeout is called and time is made to sit back and relax. There are numerous hot springs scattered across the island, which are said to be heated and charged by the earths own power and energy. In some cases, these springs can be found in forests and alongside vast rivers, which can only add to the experience and the natural calm that comes from taking a dip in one.

Taiwan Quick Tips

–          The language used by the majority of the country is Taiwanese Hokkien, although the official language of the island is Mandarin.

–          Most popular sport is Basketball, closely followed by Football and Golf.

–          It is the seventeenth largest economy in the world.

–          Main exports are computers, chemicals and electrical products.

–          Their most popular religion is Buddhism, but other religions are also practiced here, such as Bahasim, Islam, Protestantism and Catholicism.

–          The Taiwanese currency is the New Taiwan Dollars.


Taiwan, I feel remains to be an untouched resource by many holiday goers and fellow travellers. If you really want to experience a new and exciting culture, travel deep into lush forests, relax in natural springs and sandy beaches, as well as scale breath taking mountains, then Taiwan really is the place to be.

taiwan_landscapeAll images taken from Google.co.uk

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