Sporting Events Around the World 2017

When looking back at the great sporting accolades of 2016, it’s hard to believe that 2017 can actually beat it. How can we forget Great Britain’s most miserable tennis player Andy Murray finishing the year as the world number one, GB’s record number of medals at the Olympics or even Leicester City’s rise to the top of the premier league. There may be no major football tournaments this year for all of football fanatics around the world but there is still a wealth of sporting events to get involved in along with a plane ticket to get to them. This year we are ready to support many of the UK’s best talent and are able to extend our travel portfolio whilst doing so. Check out some of the events happening around the world that anyone on their travels should be a part of.

Sporting Event

This Month: Dubai World Cup

The Dubai World Cup offers racegoers the chance to mingle with the elite society of Dubai along with any sports betting enthusiast the chance to walk away with some major earnings. Possibly one of the most popular sporting events in the United Arab Emirates, this event held at the Meydan Racecourse coughs up millions of dollars to the lucky winners on the day so you can see why many flock to Dubai to be a part of it. Tickets to the event cost upwards of £100 but lets be honest, this is a small price to pay if luck is on your side that day. In addition, it would be rude to not check out Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building after successful day at the races.

Augusta, Georgia USA

The Masters, Augusta, Georgia, USA

I understand that not everyone is a fan of golf and golf betting for that matter, but if you’re heading towards Georgia then it would be a sin not to spend at least one day at the Masters. The Masters is the first major event of the year in the golfing calendar and held at the same venue each year, Augusta in Georgia USA. Millions of visitors head to the Masters each year to check out the best of the best and to see who will lay their hands on the prestigious Green Jacket.

British Lions

The British and Irish Lions Tour, New Zealand

Now this is the event that I am most excited about and I am still trying to convince myself to fork out my travelling funds for the year so far to head out to New Zealand for this incredible sporting event. Due to my love for rugby, this is high on my list of sporting events to attend this year and I may come across a little bias towards it. This is something that only comes around every four years and is an incredible tour to be involved in. Due to the matches played, this tour will entertain any traveller as you can follow the team around the country while they play their six warm up matches and three head-to-head tests with the New Zealand All Blacks. Why not head over, grab a van and follow the British and Irish Lions across New Zealand and really soak in all that New Zealand has to offer. Personally I would try to organise and plan this all by myself but if you need a help in hand then check out the British and Irish Lions Supporters Tour page.

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