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Golden Gate

San Francisco Lives up to its World Famous Reputation

San Francisco, California is an iconic west coast city that stacks up against some of the greatest cities on the planet. From the world famous trollies to the Golden Gate Bridge, the bay area is anchored by this city of hills, neighborhoods, a highly sophisticate culinary culture, and perhaps the most European type of setting in the United States.

With a seemingly never ending supply of great restaurants, bars, sites, nightlife, and things to do throughout the city, what really makes this city stand out above so many others is its diverse neighborhoods. From chic to hipster, and wealthy to lowly, there’s a bit of something for everyone. Neighborhoods such as The Mission, Bernal Heights, Haight Ashbury, and Hayes Valley, are all worth a visit, and will only crack the surface on places to explore around San Francisco.

San Francisco

Everyone knows all about the famous sites like the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, Fisherman’s Wharf, and Lombard Street. Each of these places are worth a visit if you have time, especially if you have more than a few days in the city, but the best way to really get a vibe and the true sense of the city is to find one of the neighborhoods that you think fits your personality, and go spend time there. Stroll the streets, pop in to random coffee shops, catch some live music, and just live the life of a local. It’s a big, thriving city that can be a bit overwhelming if you try to accomplish too much, so take it easy, enjoy the local scenes, and just get lost within one of the best cities in America.

A trip to San Francisco is not complete if without a trip to Golden Gate Park. This place is absolutely fantastic, and will have things to do for everyone. On a nice, warm day you can spend hours strolling throughout the park, going to museums, checking out the botanical gardens, playgrounds, bike trails, and more. During a nice day, take a blanket, pack a good old traditional lunch and enjoy a nice picnic in the sunshine. The people watching here is fantastic, and definitely one of the highlights of the city.

Cable Car

Whether you’re making the trip to San Francisco with your family, or have plans to visit for a crazy weekend of partying until the wee hours of the morning, you will unquestionably fall in love with this place. The buildings, the architecture, the people, the vibe, the sports, and so much more make it a place that will suck you in, grab hold of you be the shirt collar, and beg you not to return. Enjoy your stay, enjoy the bay, and get lost in what was once one of the main hubs of a counter-culture existence during the 1960’s. The city on the bay lives up to its reputation, and will impress with some of the world’s best cities.


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