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Royal Ascot

Travel & Sport – The Royal Ascot 2017

It has finally happened! After much wait and deliberation I have finally combined the two loves of my life (apart from my girlfriend and eating of course) sport and travel. This latest article focuses on the infamous Royal Ascot, which is just around the corner and is the start of a new category within the pages of Travelling With Me. It is time for me to have a dedicated sports section on the site, which will of course still relate to all things travel.

Where has this year gone? We are already in May and I’m pretty sure one or two of us have even had a slight thought about Christmas! But before all that, the month of June is upon us and that can only mean one event is on its way up on the British calendar (except for the long awaited British Lions tour), the Royal Ascot. Now, travelling to the Royal Ascot does not require me to jump on a plane or even travel too far at all. When I am not trekking the globe I reside in the best city in world London, so it is only a short train journey or be driven by a committed friend towards Windsor if I want to head to one of the worlds most renowned horse racing events. So, check out the info below as you might want to read over the ins and outs from my past experiences at the Royal Ascot.


June 20 – 24 (ascot.co.uk)

What to Expect

A combination of booze, money spending, hopefully money winning and last but not least, looking in the mirror admiring the best you have dressed to date. If all of this has been completed then you can join the others participating in Royal spotting and check out the other punters to see if you can pick up a new rich boyfriend/girlfriend. Before heading off to the races I find it best to check out the latest odds so that the alcohol doesn’t fully cloud your judgement on the big day. Preparation is key you know! Check the odds online, like the current 2017 Royal Ascot betting odds by William Hill.

What is the Royal Ascot?

The Royal Ascot was established by Queen Anne in 1711 and is possibly the most OTT event you’ll attend on the sporting calendar. There are hats of all shapes and sizes to be seen for miles around and be sure to catch not only the horses falling over the first hurdle on race day. (Drunken falls are greatly appreciated girls, keep them up!) During the races, as long as you have the right ticket/pass, you can float between the fake tanned lasses and the chaps sporting their best suits to the typically English and lets be honest, toff affair within the Royal enclosure. Highlights of the race week include The Queen Anne Stakes and the Gold Cup, which are races that should not be missed, as well as the Thursday loved by all, Ladies Day.


Now, if you want to rub shoulders with the elite in the Royal Enclosure then a certain aspect of preplanning is necessary. It is a case of knowing someone that knows someone and it’s all about who you know. To grace the Royal Enclosure with your presence, you need to be sponsored by not one, but two members who have attended the Royal Meeting for at least 4 or 5 years! If, like myself you have no idea if you know anybody who has even attended a singluar Royal Meeting then you can simply enjoy the day at the Queen Anne Enclosure, Windsor Enclosure or even the Heath Enclosure. Check out the Ascot ticking site to find the most suited enclosure/pricing for you: www.tickets.ascot.co.uk

Getting There

So when it comes to travelling to the Royal Ascot I would insist in thinking of alternative modes of transport than yours or a friends automobile. Traffic on the day is stacked and there is no way around it. If you do brave the traffic you can pay for parking which I believe is around the £20-£30 mark or why not hire a mini bus for all members of your party as I did the previous years and they sort out all travelling and parking arrangements for you, leave your group to only spend and get drunk!

If a boozy train journey is what is required to get you in the spirit of the Royal Ascot then why not head over to London Waterloo or even Reading for those passing and grab a train to the races which take between 25-55 minutes and is followed by a short 7 minute walk to the racecourse.

The Royal Ascot is an event on the sporting calendar, which cannot be missed! So, get your glad rags on, brush off your top hats, top up that hipflask and stuff that wallet full of dosh, its time to finally be involved in one of the worlds most prestigious horse racing events!

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