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Pitcairn Islands

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I’m back again, with a little segment for the Travel Quick Fix section of the site and I have something that I actually cannot wait to tell you about. Have you ever heard of Pitcairn Islands? No…? Well, like most of the world’s population, you have not heard of the Pitcairn Islands and for this you, along with the world, can be forgiven. The Pitcairn Islands are a small cluster of islands, which can be located between Peru and New Zealand in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

These beautiful islands sit stranded from most of civilisation with Pitcairn being the only inhabited island, hosting under 50 permanent residents making it the least populated jurisdiction in the world. I can tell already, you think this is the place for you, a place to escape it all… but, there is one slight catch. It’s a catch, but it’s not too bad.

The only way to get to this island of adventures is like something from the film the Beach (no you don’t have to get bitten by sharks, sleep with a weird ginger woman or run through drug cartel’s weed field). As I was saying, the only way to reach Pitcairn is to jump onto the next cargo freight ship. All passengers can jump aboard this vessel by heading to the island of Mangareva in the southeast corner of French Polynesia.

Now, due of the restricted sailing schedule, guests can choose to stay on Pitcairn for three or 10 nights, which means some serious consideration and planning is needed before heading out to the islands:

1. To make sure you can come and go in the time frame desired and
2. So that there is enough space on the ship for you to cross.

Where do you stay?

The island is inhabited by a group of the friendlies locals who are more than happy to help and guide you while you’re on the island. The residents have put together a list of 13 home stays and private rentals on Airbnb to suit all and can be booked from £116 per night.

As you can quite imagine, this isn’t a deluxe cruise getaway but, you find friendly and outgoing locals who will help host some of the most incredible and unique experiences that you will enjoy whilst enjoying what is still an untouched environment. Not only this but the island is surrounded by pristine waters and a plethora of incredible marine and bird life.

Check out Visit Pitcairn Islands for more information.

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