Recycling When Travelling

As you may have noticed already, I am a keen traveller and am always looking for ways to enhance my travelling experiences. This post, however, is not based on one of my exotic trips away or about a place I would love to go, but on a topic which has now gained a place in my heart. Although I hadn’t thought of it before whilst trekking the globe, I had noticed the lack of recycling options for you when you leave the UK. With the growing focus and concern over recycling on our great earth you would of thought that more would take notice.

Whilst travelling, I like many other travellers, get through copious amounts of water bottles and of course the endless number of tin cans from our favourite food! An easy way to dispose of these are to collect your own in a plastic carrier bag and dispose of at the nearest recycling point or even a quick word with the owners of the hostel/hotel you are staying at might aid you in doing this.

Although we cannot always help the environment and being green whilst on our globetrotting adventures, there are certain ways in which you can help and do your part. It is no secret that some countries you visit may be less in the know about the world of recycling but it doesn’t mean that we cannot do our part whilst there. In addition to this, what I forgot whilst trying to be green on my travels was that I was actually not being so back at home while I wasn’t there.


Here are a few things to think about when heading off on your travels to keep in the green and help the environment:

Firstly, we all hate it when we get back after a month away and cannot open our front door due to the mass amount of mail that has come through whilst being away, so, consider calling your newspaper deliverer and put it on hold while you aren’t going to read them, as Tesco say… every little helps. You’re not going to read all of the old news anyway, well I know I don’t!

Another top tip from myself is the classic of turning off all electrical appliances as well as unplugging them. Not only will this save you some much needed dosh for the rest of your travels, but it also will make life greener as you wont be wasting electricity which you wont be using.

All of these things can aid in a greener life and also turn you into a greener traveller much like I have become in the past few months. It has come to the point that I now recycle my mobile phone rather than keeping it in the bottom of the draw while I snap away with the photo app on my new smart phone, DVD’s, Clothes, pretty much anything I can. So come on my fellow travel lovers, lets help this world that we love to explore so much and start by being a little more environmentally friendly, or there may not be much of a world for us or our children to explore!

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