Qeshm, Persian Gulf

Persian Gulf – Post Coronavirus Must Book Trips

Hello world! The coronavirus has rocked the world and of course the travel industry as a whole. As we all settle down into our self-isolated holes, there is an abundance of time to check out and even to start planning your next travel adventure, so that when everything is back to the norm we all know, you can get booking before everyone else even thinks of it.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, I do feel that many counties such as UK, Italy, China etc. which have been hit hardest by the virus may not be at the top of everybody’s bucket list right now, so if that’s the case, I am here to inform you of an entire travel experience that you probably haven’t considered yet. A trip to the Persian Gulf and its historic islands of Qeshm, Kish and Hormoz is not necessarily a well know backpackers adventure, but I can assure you that it is not one to miss. Each island is easily combined, in terms of planning to island hop between each of them, and each island really does off an amazingly different experience.  

If its glitz and glam you’re looking for then head straight to Kish Island, but for a insight to the more traditional life in the Persian Gulf and a wealth of geographical marvels, trips to Qeshm and Hormoz are a must. Not only this but there is always an option to soak up the Persian Gulf vibes by making a trip over to Dubai or Bander Abbas.

Top Attractions

  1. Laft – Qeshm Island
  2. Harireh (Archaeological Site) – Kish Island
  3. Rainbow Valley Canyon – Hormoz Island
  4. Fish Market – Bandar Abbas
  5. Chahkooh Canyon – Qeshm Island

Top Restaurants

  1. Shabhaye Talai – Qeshm Island
  2. Mir Mohanna – Kish Island
  3. Fanoos – Bander Abbas
  4. Kolbeh Darvish – Kis Island
  5. Kaleng – Qeshm Island

Let’s not waste our time in self-isolation! Now is the time to sort out your life admin and also not to forget that the good times aren’t over, when this has all blown over, we will all be able to get back to our backpacker ways. Plan your next trip know while you have the time and manage your Gulf Air booking smoothly on ClearTrip.

My Favourite:

Out of those listed above it is hard to think of my favourite out of them. Few think of this area for its island destinations but these people should think again. If I had to choose, Qeshm would have to take top spot. Travellers making the trip to Qeshm can enjoy 14 days visa free and can also expect a place that isn’t your typical island getaway. Qeshm is the largest island in the Persian gulf has a great number of natural attractions and island forests that are any escapists natural dream. In addition to this, there a wealth of caves, valleys and wildlife all wrapped up in Qeshm’s amazing culture and heritage. Top Tips: Be sure to check out the following places (in no order of preference) Naz Island, Hara Forest, Hengam Island, Valley of the Stars, Bandar Laft, Leni Shipyard, Namakdan Salt Cave, Khorbas Cave, Chahkooh Pass, Mangrove Forests and the Portuguese Fortress.

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