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Ice Cream

New York! Concrete Jungle Where Ice-Creams Are Made Bruv!

Ice Cream

Photo Credit: DailyMail.co.uk

Welcome to the brand spanking new feature on Travelling With Me. Its time for my Travel Quick Fix! This section will open your eyes to some cool, quirky and amazing things to see, try and do around the world and all in a short and punchy quick fix.

New York is where ice creams are made of… Coconut Ash greatness! If you’re heading over the pond or just across the US if you’re already over there then make sure you head over to New York city. Not only is it one of the greatest cities to visit but this summer you can cool down with this years most popular ice cream.

coconut ash ice cream

Photo Credit: news.nationalpost.com

Take a stroll through Lower Manhattan, down Rivington Street to the ever popular Morgenstern’s Ice Cream parlour. Here you will witness their latests creation, the coconut ash ice cream, which actually uses a form of activated charcoal!  This extravagant ice cream is a combination of coconut cream, coconut flakes, coconut milk and ash.

For those not wanting to live too far on the wild side can try the more classic flavours on offer but if you feel a little more adventurous after the coconut black ash ice cream heaven, then you cant miss out on tasting the Banana Curry or refreshing Green Tea Pistachio.

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