New York City: Top 7 Museums to Visit!

New York City is one of the most fascinating cities in the world and by far one of the most visited by travelers. It’s an iconic destination known for offering an interesting and varied assortment of attractions catered to different ages, tastes and interests. It’s the city that never sleeps, a big apple that tempts you to explore it and discover every attraction that it has to offer! World-famous retail and apparel stores, stunning skyscrapers, fabulous musical shows and theater plays and gorgeous green areas are only a few of the reasons why New York City has been seducing visitors for years on end!

But NYC is also the home of some of the most iconic art and science museums in the world. Acknowledged for their impressive collection of world-famous works of art, sculptures, ancient apparel, plant and animal species, these museums are absolute gems that tourists can’t miss visiting while touring the city. Children, teens and adults will discover in each of them stunning pieces that add to the magical experience of exploring the Big Apple. At Bonzah, we’ve compiled a list of the 7 New York City museums that you really can’t miss.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Popularly known as the Met, it is the cultural epicenter of New York City and it has been so for a century. Located in Central Park, it is an iconic institution that contains 5,000 years of art. Visitors are invited to appreciate a stunning collection of prehistoric and latest contemporary works. The unparalleled artistic treasure of the Met Museum includes Old Master paintings, famous period rooms or the Ancient Egyptian Temple of Dendurjust to mention a few of them.

The Met is the largest art museum in the United States. It hosts not only famous paintings such as Wheatfield with Cypresses by Van Gogh or Ugolino and his Sons by Carpeaux but also exquisite musical instruments and armory. There’s also Greek and Roman art, European sculptures and paintings and works from Oceania, Africa and the Americas.

American Museum of Natural History

Fantastic, fabulous and fascinating are adjectives that don’t quite accurately describe the overwhelming experience that you’ll have as you walk pass the Entrance Hall of the American Museum of Natural History. It is an impressive and mind-blowing home of artifacts and specimens from around the globe such as a 94-feet long blue whale and a stunning assortment of dinosaur skeletons.

All aspects of the natural world are represented here. It is definitely THE museum to tag children along as they will have a great experience and learn tons about the natural world around them. There’s a vast collection of taxidermy mammals, depictions of the life of Native American tribes, an entire hall dedicated to marine life and, of course,the fabulous dinosaur floor. If you have ever dreamt about becoming a paleontologist or have children in the “dinosaur period”, they’ll love it! The skeleton of the tyrannosaurus Rex that dominates the room is simply overwhelming!

In the Hall of Biodiversityyou can appreciate an evolutionary timeline tracing more than a thousand specimens over 3.5 billion years and the Rose Center for Earth and Space houses  a planetarium with its fantastic dome!

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

Millions of visitors every year come to the Guggenheim Museum to admire its spiraling rotunda, its daring shows and its stunning collection of Cubist, Abstract Expressionist and Surrealists works as well as the largest collection in the country of Kandinsky’s paintings.

Located in the Upper East Side neighborhood of Manhattan, it is internationally famous and an architectonic icon. There are guided tours offered daily where visitors can appreciate its wonderful permanent collectionand temporary exhibitions.

With branches in various cities across the world, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum of NYC is definitely stunning and home of great exhibitions.

Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

More popularly known as the MoMA, the Museum of Modern Art has become one of the must-see museums for New York visitors. Many art critics and artists consider it an authoritative voice in determining what’s modern art and what is not.

Visitors to the Museum of Modern Art can appreciate more than 150,000 photographs, paintings, films and sculptures from Van Gogh, Andy Warhol or Picasso. “The Starry Night”, “Campbell’s Soup Cans”, “The Persistence of Memories” or “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon” are only a couple of the world-famous paintings you can expect to see and admire there.

Don’t forget to visit its gift shop. You won’t only get the chance to buy a souvenir to remind you of your visit but you’ll also enjoy an innovative display of functional and decorative items, just as if it were an extension of the museum’s exhibits.

The Museum of Mathematics

Opened in late 2012, the Museum of Mathematics is one of the newest in the city and definitely one of the most exciting (yeah, even for you if you had issues with sums and theoremes at school). It is unique in its kind. It offersforty exhibits that present you with Math formulas, mathematical principles and theories in hands-on ways. It’s definitely a museum to visit with kids! They are invited to use video cameras to produce infinitely repeating patterns or ride a square-wheeled trike to learn about catenary curves.

After spending an afternoon at this museum you won’t dare say that Mths are not fun! Interactive displays invite you to discover how light and color can be manipulated through mathematics, create geometric sculptures… you mention! Visitors say it’s a great plan with younger kids!

Brooklyn Children’s Museum

It’s the world’s first children’s museum and, believe me, leaving it won’t come without tears. Expect lots of fun and amazement, especially for the youngest members of the family. The conveyor belt in the pretend bodega can be great fun, just as assembling toppings in the mock-pizzeria. The splash zone is definitely a must visit and you won’t be able to skip the sandpit and the vegetable garden made from tiny crumbs of rubber.

The Brooklyn Children’s Museumopened in 1899 and it is not only the first museum in the United States but also the first one totally dedicated to children. There’s a fantastic sensory roomand in World Brooklyn children play in child-sized shops based on the real ones that can be seen around town.

NYC Fire Museum

Shiny red trucks, lights and sirens will keep everybody enthusiastically hooked for a while. If you’ve been fascinated with fire trucks when little or your kids turn their heads around whenever they hear a fire engine approaching, a visit to theNYC Fire Museumbecomes one of the top museums in your must-see list in New York.

The fire safety learning center, which has been recently renovated, is an interactive exhibit for families to learn life saving information.

There is as well a permanent memorial exhibition that pays homage to the 343 firemen that lost their lives during the tragic events on Sept. 11, 2001.

You are invited to learn about the history of firefighting in the  city. There’s an online store where you can buy souvenirs and memorabilia.

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