Money Travel Tips

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Money Travel Tips

Before setting off on any adventure around the world or jumping on the first flight you can get on a spontaneous trip away, you must first set you goals, time period and what you plan to do and achieve. There is no point in planning a yearlong travel experience with only a couple of hundred pound saved up. Check out this article to see how it can be done.

After establishing the time period you wish to be away along with the activities you plan to do you are nearly ready to go, but here are a few tips to help you along your way.

Start Saving

Start saving as soon as possible! Obviously the earlier you start saving and making sure you keep up the payments to your savings account, the more money you’ll have. I find it is always best to set up a new account with a good interest rate and placing a solid deposit in there to start your saving with a bang! I also like to save a little more than I wanted to, maybe save an extra £100 so that you can do other things along the way that you might not of necessarily thought you would be able to do.


Travellers Cheques and Pre-Paid Travel Cards

Traveller’s cheques now seem to be a thing of the past with more travellers and holidaymakers using pre-paid cards instead. Pre-paid cards offer the same security as traveler’s checks but are more convenient when abroad as you can deposit all of your money onto the card and use it at numerous stores and cash points all over the world. In addition to this, there are also meant to be less fees and charges in place when using a prepaid travel card 

consumer_travelForeign Currencies

Mostly all countries outside of the Euro use their own currency, which means that in most cases they will only accept their own local currency. Prior to departing the country it is always best to pop down to a travel agency or the Post Office to order in the currency notes you need. Back when I went to Brazil, I had to wait 6 weeks for them to be delivered to the Post Office so make sure you get there with weeks to spare.

Exchange Rates

Exchange rates change on a daily basis so it is always good to shop around and check a number of places before settling for the first place you see exchanges currency, as you may end up getting less back than you may have wanted. I have found that the best places to go normally are the counters in travel agencies, Thomson and Thomas Cook, along with going to your nearest Post Office.


A key thing to remember when travelling or preparing to go travelling is once you have saved up all of your hard-earned cash, make sure you go enjoy yourself and spend every last penny enjoying your travel experience!

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