London Life: Lunchtime at Foxlow, Soho

With bottomless prosecco, seasonal British food and even BYOB nights (which we aren’t necessarily used to unless we are heading to our local Indian), Foxlow offers an exciting and up market experience for all members of the London population.

I happened to stroll past Foxlow late on Friday evening after my girlfriend Rachel and I were looking for a post cinema chow down but unfortunately that was not to be the night. We looked through the large front windows to the restaurant, which showed a warm atmosphere inside and plates of food that you just want to put your face in. I knew at this point that we needed to go into this restaurant. We popped our heads in and asked for a table for two. Unfortunately, being a Friday evening in the middle of central London, we were a little naïve to believe that we would be able to just stroll in and get a table. The very polite lady on the front desk informed us that it would be a two-hour wait for us to be seated. As you can imagine, we were bitterly disappointed after having our faces pressed up against the window gazing in at what we thought we would be eating in the matter of 30 minutes.

Foxlow Brunch

Anyway, Saturday morning we heading back into central for a spot of shopping and to meet my very bestest of friends Greg. When he asked where we should head for lunch I knew the only place I wanted to go was… Foxlow. I was determined that I would eat there this weekend after not being able to the night before. Once again we strolled up to the doors of the Soho restaurant without booking a table but to our delight we were able to secure a booth! Thank god.

Foxlow has become a fan favourite in the capital, which has led to the restaurant opening in Clerkenwell, Balham, Stoke Newington, Chiswick and now Soho. I can safely say that they have gained another three loyal fans. The restaurant boasts of a show stopping U-shaped bar with décor that matches the liveliness of the West End and sophistication of the restaurant itself.

Not only does the restaurant offer an all day brunch menu, which runs along side both the lunch and dinner menus but there’s a great deal of vegan options for those with such dietary requirements. I am not one of these people so I demolished the flat iron steak which was like cutting through butter and cooked perfectly, Rachel took on the fried chicken, egg and croissant waffle with sausage gravy and Greg tucked into the short rib on jalapeno cornbread. It’s safe to say that we were all immensely satisfied with our chosen courses.

Foxlow Brunch

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, there is BOTTOMLESS PROSECCO! This was a great addition to our mid afternoon lunch and helped wash down the quality food we were indulging in. With any place that offers bottomless prosecco, they always leave you short. I agree that drinking three bottles in 1 hour 30 mins (a bottle each) is a little excessive but when we asked for one last bottle before our time limit of 3pm was upon us the waitress said that she would grab one and never came back, which I find frustrating and it did feel like they did this to ensure that they weren’t out of pocket on the bottomless prosecco deal. So be warned and vigilant if you want to get the most out of the deal.

Apart from this slight hiccup on the prosecco front, I can safely say that Foxlow is a great brunch, lunch and dinner destination and I cannot recommend it enough. Portions are plentiful and there is a selection of nibbles and starters available if you’re not willing to wait until your main is presented.

Check out the Foxlow Menu here:

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