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Living Abroad - Malta

Travel Quick Fix – Living Abroad – Malta

So its been awhile since I took a trip down memory lane and checked the last years worth of posts to see what I have entertained you with in the last 12 months along with what I believe is still yet to be explored. I talk about travel most of the time and I realised that I hadn’t yet spoke about living abroad so I thought, why not cover it in the next instalment of my sites Travel Quick Fix!

If there is one place in Europe to think about living in then look no further than Malta. This Mediterranean island is not only placed right between the Middle East, Southern Europe and North Africa, but it also boasts of Grade-A amenities and a wealth of culture to offer even the most homesick of movers.

You think this part of living aborad is the start of something great? Well, Malta has a thriving economy and has one of the lowest unemployment rates around. Don’t forget to look into work permits if heading over from the UK as these are now a must!

And wait…. Theres more to this Mediterranean paradise!

A combination of investment opportunities along with flights all year round makes this island of bliss a place to be considered if you’re looking for a retirement home in the sun, a new life with a budding new family or even just looking to for short or long term rentals in Malta to see how life in the Mediterranean would actually be. Whether it’s a new build or a historic building to nest in, Malta most certainly has it all and prices aren’t too steep either.

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