Italy’s Finest Places To Visit

So we have made it to that time of the year once again were we are all looking for that special trip abroad. We are all looking for a place we haven’t been before, or maybe a place to go wild and party or in some cases a place you feel to be untouched by mass crowds of tourists. Whichever you decide to choose, remember this, I believe Italy most certainly has the most to offer. Whether you want to head to the canals in Venice or visit the amphitheatre in Rome, you will be sure to find something to tickle your travelling taste buds.

After years of travelling the globe and visiting a great amount of cultures and countries, Italy still remains one of my favourites. One place in Italy I particularly enjoy visiting is Bibione. I will never forget the first time I stepped foot in this incredible place. I headed straight from he airport with just my hand luggage with me and headed for my first stop, my hotel, the Hotele San Marco Once my bag was unpacked and I was ready to head out I made my way through the reception onto the street and set on a week of exploring its hidden depths.

Bibione beach


Bibione is found on the northern Adriatic coast just up from the infamous city of Venice. Although a popular destination, Bibione is a place of pure beauty and has a lot to offer to families and groups as well as a lone travellers. I love nothing more than heading to the nearest beach and Bibione has one of the best. This beach has many umbrellas stretched across it for all to enjoy and offers its visitors incredible views and the softest sand under foot. This is truly one of the great places to be after spending a number of hours on a flight.

If you are a sporty traveller like myself, you will pleased to know that Bibione offers a wide range of activities such as kayaking, sailing, jet ski’s, exciting bike rides where you are sure to see some of the countries most fascinating wildlife and much more. Not only this, but Bibione is surrounded by many incredible places, which are just screaming out for you to organise a day trip to. You could head down to the ever popular destination of Venice, or even pop to any of these beautiful places; Verona, Vicenza or Treviso. Either way, you are going to fall in love with Bibione just as I did!

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