Italy Month: Shop Until You Drop In Venice


It is hard to disagree that Venice is perhaps one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, with a rich heritage, endless shopping experiences and it’s amazing sights. If a tourist hub is not what you are looking for a quieter shopping adventure is what you desire, don’t let this view of Venice put you off.

Beyond the vast number of tourists in the area are the elegant back alleys with one-off-shops, quaint bakeries and patisseries. In addition to settling the hunger in your stomach, is the chance to uncover those vintage glass ornament stalls and chic Italian clothes shops.


The Rialto Market and St Mark’s Square (Piazza San Marco) are both renowned for such shops but I do believe that you will always find the best sites and shops by exploring the back alleys. Using your gut instinct on whether to take the right turning or go straight ahead can take you to places you would never have normally of stumbled across and you will also find that little gem you were looking for.

Venice Rialto food market 2008 Sept 2(BLR&C)

Rialto Market is renowned around Venice and is the only place to start exploring the great rustic and fresh foods of Italy. To gain the best experience in this market, you need to attack it full throttle, in the hustle and bustle with all of the local shoppers and frantic housewives. Take a bag, basket or whatever you can get your hands on from your humble abode and be adventurous choosing some of the freshest seafood Venice has to offer, along with a delicious crusty loaf, a block of creamy cheese and of course to satisfy your needs even further by picking up one of Italy’s finest traditional bottles of Merlot or Pinot Grigio.


Now that you are full to the brim after tasting the fresh Italian cuisine, you can take a short 8 minute walk down to St Mark’s Square, or as the Italians say, the Piazza San Marco to full fill all of your shopping needs. You may need a little self-control at this point, as there are shops, shops and more shops! From watches, clothes and luxury jewellery to artwork and some of Italy’s finest lace and silk. From first hand experiences I can tell you, taking only what you need in the way of cash to the Piazza San Marco is the best choice as you will need money for the rest of your trip and you can easily blow it all in the numerous shops in the area. If you’re looking for a great hotel to settle down in after your shop till you drop day then head to one of my favourite hotels the Hotel Kennedy The staff are always more than welcoming and your stay is sure to be one you wont forget.

No trip to Venice would be complete without heading to the cities infamous waterways in an iconic gondola. Whether you are whisking your childhood sweetheart away on a romantic Venice adventure or you simply wish to be taken down the picturesque waterways seeing all that Venice has to offer, a trip on an authentic Italian gondola will be sure to take your breathe away. They cater for 6 people or less and cost between 80-100 euros.

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