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Infographic – Ultimate North America Road Trip

We are back with another infographic and this time we have teamed up with the glorious people over at We Buy Any Car to bring to you the ultimate plan for a North America Road Trip! Personally, I believe that road trips offer the best travel experiences to our generation of care free and sponteanous travellers. Not only does it offer the most freedom you can have on a trip abroad but it also adds to the spontaneity of any trip where more adventures and people can appear out of nowhere.

Planning your road trip is rule no.1 and should be done before anything else. Yes, we want spontaneous adventure, but we also need a vivid plan so that you can reach your end destination, see what you want to see and be able to peal off from the plan every now for the random adventures. We all love the U.S whether it be a trip to New York, Sin City Las Vegas or sunny California. North America offers a huge amount and road tripping across it is by far the best way to see if. This infographic gives you guys a plan on how to create the ultimate North America road trip. Check it out!

North America Road Trip

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