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How To Survive A Long Haul Flight

While you may have your tickets booked and bags packed, you are still yet to have boarded the plane and experience that long haul flight you are dreading. It is true that long haul flights are the most exhausting journeys, and they can often leave you feeling just as tired and drained before realising that you needed a holiday after all. Despite this, there are a few tricks to making a long haul flight as painless as possible; here is a guide to surviving long plane journeys:

Drink and Sleep, but Mostly Sleep

One of the oldest tricks in the book to surviving a long journey is to make sure you sleep for the majority of it. This can sometimes be easier said than done, but in order to do so it is better to not intake any form of caffeine to reinforce sleep. Drinking lots of water will help this, and will also keep you nice and hydrated during the hours that you are awake. With that being said, you might also want to bring along a neck pillow for optimum comfort, why not try this comfy luxury one from M&S? Great value for money and will help stay feeling fresh even after your flight.

Eat, Sleep, Drink

Make A Seating Request

If you are thinking that the best option to survive that long haul flight is to sleep, then you will definitely need to check your seating arrangement. Make sure you are happy with the seat you have been given and if you have the chance to upgrade for more leg room, then definitely do.

If In Doubt, Upgrade

If you are truly unsure that you will be able to survive an economy flight for such a long journey, then you can always upgrade to ease the pain. Upgrading to luxury or business, depending on how extravagant you want to be is always a pleasurable experience. With a wider range of amenities, you will feel right at home and will more likely be wishing the journey did not end! Visit Flight Centre for more information on upgrading your flight.

Luxury Flight

While long haul flights may not be ideal, they do not always have to be as painful as one may suspect. Hopefully by taking these points in to consideration, you will be able to experience a comfortable journey and more importantly, look forward to arriving at your destination. Remember, 99% of long haul flights offer free food and alcohol for the duration of the journey, so make the most of it! 🙂