How To Find Cheap Flights

The world itself is in the middle of an economic downfall and we still find ourselves craving to get out of our home country to explore and enjoy the great adventures that this world has to offer. Although we want to travel and we are all willing to spend the cash, the tourism has taken a big hit leading to some of the major airlines cutting prices to fill the planes to actually make it worth their while flying to a far away country.

As we all know, the flight itself can cost more than the actual trip and expenses combined leaving us to really think about where we want to travel and whether it is worth the year of hard work you have just done down at your local bar or supermarket. Like with all things in life, there are a few tips or ways that you can cut corners or get what you want at a much cheaper price and I am writing this blog post just to tell you a few and to hopefully inspire fellow travellers that you can still enjoy globe trekking at a fraction of the price.

Firstly, finding the right airline, tour operator or even taking to right backpack/baggage can all be a factor in getting the cheapest deal. Times are changing and so is the way we shop and travel, so being smart with the minor things will matter that bit more in the future.


Be Flexible With Your Travel

Most airline ticket prices vary depending on what time of day, month of the year or even if its near a national holiday. Travelling around Christmas and during the summer holidays are going to inevitably make flights much dearer. Mid-week flights are incredibly cheaper than weekends and get out of bed earlier or sleep a bit later in the evening to take advantage of the early morning/late night flights.

To find the cheapest flight possible I advice to travel mid-week, not during holidays and of course at an unsociable hour. I know this may not seem very advertising to start with, you could save yourself hundreds of pounds, which you can spend to enhance your experience while you are in the country you plan to explore.

Credit Cards Aren’t What You Want But They Can Work

I know your mother may have told you never to get a credit card, I know mine did, but for this time only, don’t listen! Previous experience has told me that picking up a credit card with a good airmiles reward system can save you a lot of hard earned cash. Some credit card companies offer airmiles to customers who spend a certain amount on their card. Even if it’s a coffee or a new t shirt, use your credit card, pay it off at the end of the month and get those free airmiles by simply living your everyday life. You can rack up a generous amount of airmiles even if your expenses are £600 per month.

My final tip, like most things, its to BOOK EARLY! More times than not, the earlier you book your trip away or train ride home, you can get them a hell of a lot cheaper. So be gone my fellow travel lovers and travel bloggers, hopefully these tips will help and I may bump into on an incredible adventure while you’re spending the extra cash you have after saving your dosh on flights!