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Go Binge: Stranger Things Streamliner

Sorry, sorry and sorry again. You may have seen a few weeks back and all over my social media pages that I went on a pretty rad boat down the Thames thanks to the people over at Three UK (this is not a paid endorsement) to celebrate the launch of their Go Binge service.

Over the past month I have found myself trekking around the globe as well as moving to a new pad in London, which made it increasingly difficult to find the time to start writing this article, BUT, I find myself free for the next 30 minutes as I ride the Piccadilly line down to Holborn so I thought, why not write it now.

Long story long, I have recently been speaking with Three UK and when they offered for myself and a plus one to jump on to a Stranger Things themed Streamliner, I couldn’t say no. The night was a collaboration of Stranger Things, Netflix, Timeout and of course Three UK to celebrate their latest Go Binge campaign. Sounds pretty cool right?

Go Binge

On entry to the boat you came across the forever menacing Eleven and the town Sheriff (who throughout this article and the short vlog I created below, became a true icon of the night). Like many events, a goodie bag was handed to each Streamliner passenger, which I fully endorse all events to do. I mean, who doesn’t love a freebie? The boat really went to town on the Stranger Things theme with some of the shows most well known characters parading around the boat along with some of the cafe’s best waffles on offer for all to have a taste. Go Binge


Once the drinks were flowing and you had picked up your usual cinema treats, we were guided to the top deck where we found a huge blow up screen ready to watch Stranger Things whilst casually cruising past some of London’s most iconic landmarks. There was a slight dampener to the evening as the heavens opened and rained down on our Stanger Things parade but this did not stop the enjoyment of the night as the guys were on hand to offer blankets and umbrellas so that the outdoor cinema wasn’t a complete wash out.

Once our viewing pleasures had been fulfilled with two episodes of Stranger Things we were offered the chance to head back down to the bottom deck to chat to the other guests on the boat over another chilled beer, which led to many more chilled bottles of bud (insert monkey with hands over eyes emoji). While the Streamliner headed back to the Tower Hill docks the night stepped up a level on the dance floor with myself and my plus one finding ourselves a little tipsy at the front of the boat teaching all passengers the wondrous dance to the track ‘Candy’, to which our dear friend the Sheriff fully endorsed and collaborated on.

I really did not know what to expect whilst queuing at the Tower Hill docks at 7pm on that Thursday evening but what a night it was. If you ever get an invite to cruise down the Thames whilst watching Stranger Things with beers available at the bar and an 80’s disco to finish off, just say yes! This is what London is all about! It can offer you weird and wonderful experiences during your time here. I think I will just sit here now and wait for my invite to the next event… Actually, this is my stop, so I had better get off the tube.


P.s. Check out my short vlog of the event below


Check out my short vlog:

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