Go Ape On An Adventure Holiday

Go Ape is a UK based company that specialises in providing fun days out in the forest. Nestled in the heart of some of Britain’s most picturesque woodland, the whole family can experience exhilarating zip wires, Tarzan swings and tricky rope crossings.

But that is not all that Go Ape has to offer – there is also the popular Forest Segway Experience. Take some time out from swinging from the trees, and use a more relaxing form of transport to explore the glorious British scenery.

You may be somewhat puzzled as to why we are telling you about this now. Surely an outdoors, adventure holiday would be best suited to the summer and not the dreary days of winter?

Yes, the summer sun is a nice addition to an adventurous day out, but it is not a necessity. If you live in Britain, or are a regular visitor, you will know that holding on for nice weather will result in an empty social calendar.

A little bit of rain never hurt anyone, so wrap yourself up and head for the trees. Investing in the right equipment will prevent this day from being a complete washout.


Obviously, a waterproof jacket is a must. If you are hopeful that you may still get a glimmer of sunshine during your day, why not go for a pack away one? You can easily fold this up and store it in a convenient bag, if you do get some winter sun. There is a great range of Pac A Macs available on eBay, with a selection of jackets for the whole family at affordable prices.

You’ll also need a sturdy pair of shoes to see you through all of the climbing and monkeying around safely. An uncomfortable pair of shoes can ruin your whole experience, so it is worth investing in a pair that will last you through lots of adventures. Brantano stock a great range of quality yet affordable walking shoes that will be perfect for your Go Ape adventure. These Hi Tec walking shoes are a fantastic option, as they have a thick, cushioned sole and additional ankle support.

Layers will be essential to keep you warm whilst you’re roaming the forest. You can work up quite a sweat, once your adrenaline gets pumping as you’re hurtling through the trees, so try to avoid wearing thick clothing. Instead, wear lots of thin, insulating layers which can be found on Go Outdoors. The layers will trap your body heat when the weather is cold and, if you get too hot, you can simply remove a layer.

As with any other winter’s day, hats scarfs and gloves are necessities. As you will be holding onto ropes, it will be best to go for a pair of gloves with a silicon palm for extra grip.

Once you have secured all of these essentials, all that’s left to do is to ‘go ape’!


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