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More Than Just a Casino – Exotic Casinos Around The World

Surely, when we all want to get loose, spend some money and get all kinds of crazy for a few days we all think of Viva Las Vegas, right? I mean, its not called the city of sin for no reason. Las Vegas is the number one destination for the heavy gamblers and party animals but there are many other exotic gambling destinations to lose your mind in.

Gambling trips around the world are high on the agenda for many travellers and a trip that you may never (unless wanting to) forget. For such experiences we like to choose gambling holidays to release ourselves from the real world, to seek the excitement we all crave in our daily lives and to feel the cash we all know we don’t have flow through our hands and onto the nearest blackjack or roulette table for that one moment of adrenaline fuelled fun. In this article we are going to check out some of the other exotic gambling alternatives around the globe.


Image Credit – clubpoker.net – Le Grand Casino La Mamounia

Marrakesh, Morocco

Now I know what you’re thinking, Morocco is an unusual destination for the a gambling extravaganza but contrary to what you may think, for a largely Muslim country, there are an abundance of casinos around. Easily one of the best casinos can be found in the popular destination of Marrakesh is the Le Grand Casino La Mamounia. This incredible complex boasts of mythic looking interior combined with all that is needed for a night of unfamiliar gambling. Although smaller than the Westerners of the world are used to, the La Mamouia offers an exotic gambling experience that should not be overlooked.

Macau, China

Located on the South China Sea, Macau is among the richest regions in East Asia. There are countless numbers of casinos around where you’ll see many of the older generations submerging themselves in endless slot machines battles and the younger traveller heading to the most eminent landmarks and most popular casinos, the Grand Macau and Casino Lisboa. Both casinos offer an enriching (get it) experience and some of the best facilities in this part of the world. If you weren’t into gambling when you got there, buckle up, because you will be!


Monte Carlo, Monaco

If you’re planning to win big with the most incredible lanscapes behind you and a beach ready for you to party on after, then Monte Carlo, Monaco is probably the destination for you. This city, which is normally known for its rich formula one history and the infamous Monaco Grand Prix, has a wealth of gambling facilities known to the rich as a renowned casino resort. I can honestly say that out of all the gambling hotspots (apart from Las Vegas of course) Monte Carlo offers one of the best gambling experiences for any money hungry traveller and why not enjoy winning or losing your money whilst looking at some incredible landscapes?

Nelspruit, Mpumalanga, South Africa

Last but certainly not least will leave you feeling that for once, you actually are on the set of the new James Bond movie and in fact, you are James Bond himself! Open 24 hours in the mountains of Melspruit, this casino offers a truly incredible gambling experience for any average Joe or VIP baller. Who would have known that you could shooting chips across the table in the South African mountains and right next the banks of the Crocodile River. Whether you’re down on your luck or racking in the dollar, this casino will make no visitor leave feeling indifferent. Why not head to the Kruger National Park by day and hit the casino tables by night… what more could you ask for?

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