Local Cuisine: Eat Cheap… Eat Well… Eat Local!


Food is one of the main and most enjoyable parts of travelling the globe. Whether you are tucking into a Scottish haggis in the Highlands or you are devouring a traditional Mexican dish, I feel food is an integral part to any travel experience as it really gives you a feel and insight into the culture you are in.

It’s time to step away from your hostel’s kitchen, step outside and make your way to a local restaurant, café, buffet etc. You may think that it is expensive to eat out most nights on each travel experience but from past experience, not only is it the eye-opening and incredibly tasty but also can be done on the cheap.

Non-local food is always the most expensive, so stay away from that glorious yellow ‘M’ and the old colonel with the moustache, get out there and enjoy the local cuisine.


I always find that street food is always best if you really want to experience of the country you are in. Most streets in countries I have visited are littered with food stalls and it normally costs less than if you were to buy ingredients to cook yourself.

Everyday can bring a new eating experience and a new taste to tickle your taste buds. I have been to the slums of Brazil to the most luxurious part of Egypt and still I find that the street food always beats the even the most exquisite restaurant dishes.

Other ways to save dosh on your nosh

Saving money whistle enjoying your travels is always high up on the agenda so here are a few ways in which to do this:

Refill Your Water Bottle – Buying bottles and cans of water and fizzy pop will only add up, so make sure you find a good water source each time you stop and fill up for free!

Tourism Cards – There are a number of tourist cards that you can get in various locations, so before you head of on your travels, I suggest jumping online and checking out if you can pick one up for the country or city you are visiting. These cards not only get you discount off transport and leisure activities, but also off food and supermarkets.

These few tips have saved me bucket loads of cash and have also taken me to various food heavens! Give it a try and let me know how you get on!


A very happy me after tucking into some incredible local cuisine! YUM!


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