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Don’t Like Flying? Other Options to Explore the World

If you don’t like flying, don’t worry, you’re not on your own. Many people just aren’t big on the idea of hurtling through the sky in a metal tube at phenomenal speeds, it’s not an unusual worry to have. But that’s absolutely no reason why should miss out on exploring the great wide world beyond your home town. There’s so much of the globe to see, and the good news is: there are lots more ways to see it than travelling through the sky.

Camper Van

Road Tripping

Whether you’re hiring a car, a caravan or driving your own, a road trip can be a fantastic way to enjoy the journey, not just the destination.

Travelling by car (or motorbike, if that’s more your style) means you can take the trip as slowly as you like; you can decide where to stop, where to stay, what sights to see along the way, what route to take- it’s all up to you. A road trip means your journey is customised to you and, best of all, you can chop and change your plans to suit your daily whims.

Whether it’s taking the scenic route or zooming down an iconic highway, staying at camping grounds or living it up at five star resorts each night, drive-through fast food or sampling the finest local cuisine, your road trip is what you make it.

Cruise Ship

Luxury Cruising

More and more people are opting for cruise holidays for their overseas travel. There are so many options to choose from, with different ships, different routes and different destinations to suit all travellers’ tastes.

You can choose a cruise that’s all about relaxation and luxury, with world-class spas, health retreats and gourmet dining, a cruise that’s perfect for families with lots of exciting kids’ activities and relaxing parents-only activities too, or even a cruise tailored toward single travellers looking for an action-packed party at sea.

A cruise holiday means you get the best of both worlds – you can travel to exotic locations all over the world without needing to step onto a plane, and the journey between destinations is a holiday in itself, with all the most luxurious and entertaining elements to treat you while you travel. Take a minute to check out the great Cruiseabout specials you can snap up for the best value in luxury cruise travel.



If you’re looking to get from A to B without getting airborne, travelling by train can be a great option. Depending where you are, this can be a very speedy way to travel, or a very scenic option. There are trains built for luxury, trains built for maximum speed, and even historical trains that will take you on picturesque tours of your country of choice.


Cycle Touring

If you’re a physical person, you’ve probably already considered a cycle tour as a holiday option. Whether you opt for a cross-country endurance challenge or a laid back snail’s-pace tour of an area, cycling is the ideal way to explore up close.

A cycle tour brings you into nature and up close and personal with all the smallest details of the area you’re exploring. You can decide on your route, your pace, where to stay, what to see, who to meet – you’re really in the thick of the action and the physical effort can be very rewarding at the end of a long day’s ride.

With so many great options for travellers of all tastes, you’d be crazy to spend another holiday near home. Talk to your travel agent or get online, and start planning the trip of a lifetime, plane-free.

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