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Man-made Paradise: Top Things to do in Dubai

Man-made paradise seems unbelievable, but that is Dubai for you! Outstanding skyline, incredible architecture, thriving entertainment and obsession with ostentatious, the city of implausible achievements is the hottest travel destination. Bewitching is the only word for Dubai, as come with friends, family or for honeymoon, you will be enthralled. A checklist of a holiday in…

Top 10 of the World’s Best Places to Visit in 2016

The world has lots of great places to see and interesting cultures to experience. Some destinations can be very expensive to visit and there are so many variables to think about , ranging from flights and accommodation to car hire or even visa’s. Before booking a holiday you should always look at multiple hotel comparison sites before…

Aeroplane sunset

How To Survive A Long Haul Flight

While you may have your tickets booked and bags packed, you are still yet to have boarded the plane and experience that long haul flight you are dreading. It is true that long haul flights are the most exhausting journeys, and they can often leave you feeling just as tired and drained before realising that you needed a…