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Luxury Retreat

The Caribbean hold itself firmly as one of the top destinations to go for all who an infatuated with a luxury retreat. Whether you’re looking for a romantic holiday, an active holiday for a group or even a family getaway, you cannot find a more accommodating place for these needs than the Caribbean. One of the most appealing parts of a Caribbean luxury retreat, besides the sunshine and beaches of course, is the luxury accommodation that is offered with some of the best places to stay in Turks and Caicos.

Now, when it comes to a luxury retreat there are many to choose from but there is one destination high on everybody’s list. Not only is there the most scenic of views, transparent oceans and all the rum you can your hands on, but if you’re there between December and April you can reap the benefits of the Caribbean sunshine that we all crave the most.

World-renowned for white sands and islands of rich topical surroundings, the Caribbean is a destination blessed with a number of incredible places and activities to enjoy. Newbies to the island or returning travellers can enjoy some colourful cuisine, colonial history and jaw dropping marine life. Here are a few of my top tips for a luxury retreat in the Caribbean.

Luxury Retreat

Trinidad and Tobago’s Curative Waters

If you have a chance to head over to Trinidad and Tobago, or this is where you’re adventures are taking you, be sure to stop off at the waters of La Brea Pitch for an enriching and healing experience in the therapeutic waters. Locals believe that these waters can cure many illnesses from skin disease to circulatory ailments and if you’re lucky it can put a stop to premature ageing! La Brea Pitch is believed to be the world’s largest natural reservoir of asphalt (that stuff that makes your skin feel good), which aids the healing process and is a great accompaniment to an already natural and relaxing Caribbean experience.

Luxury Retreat

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Apes Hill Polo Club

If away on your luxury Caribbean retreat you’re looking to feel a little Made In Chelsea then why not head over to the Apes Hill Polo Club? This club, located on the island of Barbados, has many events running through the year and I believe is a must when visiting this incredible island. Matches are played throughout the week and each one offers a full bar along with tea and light food to help you stay level headed from the mass amounts of prosecco drank and the mid afternoon sun.

Luxury Retreat

Charter a Luxury Yacht

When in need of a luxury retreat then this next activity has luxury literally written all over it, literally, there in the title. Nothing screams luxury more than investing your time in cruising around the Caribbean islands in a chartered yacht. Composed of over 5,000 islands, reefs and cays, I believe the Caribbean offers the best yachting experiences available to travellers around the world. While you’re sailing across these transparent oceans you make numerous trips to some 700 islands in the Bahamas, schedule stops at some of the white-sand beaches, explore along the vast reefs and even book incredible shipwreck dives.

So, if it’s a luxury retreat you’re looking for then search no further. The Caribbean offers everything needed for such a trip and will and has never disappointed.

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