Boston Is Back!

Now you may recognise Boston, as the place where people get ‘whacked’ in the Wire or if you’re a sports fan you’ll know it’s the home to everyone’s favourite feet warmers, the Boston Red Sox. This city has forever been in the history books and can be a weird place to get to terms with. I mean, we are talking about a place that once banned Christmas and where Happy Hours in city bars are against the law! But do not fear readers, do not be fooled by these minor hiccups. It might be one of the oldest cities in the U.S, but as it says in the title, Boston is back and my oh my it is delivering to the younger generation!

BostonBoston now hosts a pro-nightlife attitude, a mayor who endorses this and has the highest population of 20 to 35 year olds in the U.S. making it a top destination for those, who like me, are young travellers looking to sample some of the American dream. Somewhere that has thrived from this regeneration project has been the Boston Seaport District, which previously hosted a number of gritty mob altercations and over shadowed by an overhead highway. This district now boasts of a range of renovated boutique hotels, the Institute of Contemporary Art, places for a Boston crafted ale from a number of breweries and some of the best lobster and crab shacks available to we mere mortals. In addition to this the 1.5 mile pathways make their way between various destinations where one minute you be in Boston’s cider-doughnut-hawkers to Chinatown!

Thursday’s down Dewey Square are always a dates to be pencilled in to your travel diary. Here you can mix with the locals and those who have finished working for the day and are ready to chin $4 beers, eat from some of the best street food trucks and fully involve themselves in a U.S and British favourite, Thirsty Thursday! We all know the weekend starts on Thursdays nowadays so if its booze you like then a boozy Boston trip can be arranged with ease. If you are in the heart of the city there are numerous irish and


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sports bars but if you want a to experience the local brewing scene then you can enter the neighbourhood of Everett, which hosts Boston’s bustling brewery scene. Check out the guys at for bookings to some of the top breweries and the ever popular Everett and Downeast Cider House. Once your body cannot take anymore of Boston’s incredible brews then why not head for a tipsy trip into the city and endulge in some shopping at some of the city’s quirkiest of vintage shops or mellow down at boho bookstore and vintage clothing to satisfy all of your needs.

Baffling Boston Facts


“Happy Hours” are against the law.

“In turn-of-the-century Boston, you didn’t need to take a test to receive a driver’s license.”

“Christmas was once banned.”

“Bostonians get the weather from a skyscraper.”

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