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Italy Month: Bibione – Holidays Designed for Families

I know I have only recently published an article on this magnificent place but I couldn’t help myself so I’ve come back for more. In my previous article I spoke generally about the place as a whole and mentioned a number of great activities you could partake in. This time I feel I need to address the other side to Bibione and that is the fact that this beautiful place is also a holiday destination designed for families.


Firstly, to ensure that your stay in Bibione is the best it can possibly be make sure you check out the numerous hotels, family friendly structures, campsites and apartments they have on offer here. Most places offer discounts for families and those with children. If you would like to see some of the great hotels Bibione has to offer then follow this link: http://www.etgrouphotels.com/eng/ This website shows you some of the best hotels in Bibione and is the main website I use when booking my accommodation in Bibione.


Bibione is the ideal destination for those families looking to escape for a seaside holiday and this can even been done out of season. In Bibione you will be able to sit back and relax while the kids are engrossed in exploring the cities nature and playing on the beach. As I mentioned in my previous article, Bibione offers a great chance to take part in various beach-sporting activities such as swimming, volleyball and also has a chance for your children to join a Mini Club with some of Italy’s most exciting environmental workshops. Don’t be alarmed, if your children are under the age of five there is the chance to join them into the Baby Club where there is a baby sitting service on hand, allowing you to relax on the sand basking in the sun.


It doesn’t stop there! Bibione offers even more for the family with its open-air screenings at the Adratico Amusement Park and various pizzerias offering great value meals for the kids and discounted offers on family meals. For those kids a little older and looking to spending some time away from mum and dad, Bibione offers the chance for them to be involved in clubs, discos, movie nights and if they are old enough, one or two Italian pubs.

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