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Beach Day

Beach Day Near London: Less Than 2 Hours Away!

Its official, its September and the summer is coming to an end, but there is still time to get in a final beach day or two to see the summer out in style.

Being a resident in London between my travelling adventures I can understand why people in the city believe that the Great British seaside may seem many worlds away, but in fact, a weekend on the sand UK coastlines and all the ice cream you can eat is a lot closer to home than you originally thought.

While living in London, a real love/hate relationship is common amongst all that reside in the city. Yes, when you’re out and about, eating incredible food at city restaurants, out on the town with the lads (or ladies) or taking in the London sights, the capital is bloody incredible, this is the love. Then there is the hate, getting on the hot and stuffy underground, getting ko’d by someone walking frantically past you without even a sorry or the annoyance of Instagram vanity all around you.

I also have these feelings and as much as I love living in London, I am always I need of a break from the hustle and bustle; what better way to relax than a beach day! Check out my top 5 below:

Margate – Image: TimeOut.com

Margate – 1hr 30mins by train

After a recent revival to restore its past glory, Margate is one of the original and most popular beach day destinations for UK holiday makers. Margate is a beautiful seaside town offering classic seaside Victorian promenades, a very generously sized beach and activities for all to enjoy. Now it may come across slightly snobby but I’m a man of honesty, the clientele who visit this lovely seaside town leave a lot to be desired but if you’re looking to escape the city for a day or short weekend break, Margate is surely near the top of the list. Click here for more information.


Hastings – 1hr 23mins by train

As with Margate, Hastings has just undergone a huge renovation. If you’re looking for a relaxed seaside weekend, a boutique shopping crawl or a bloody good time then Hastings is the one. For shopping head to Twittens (Lanes) which are lined with boutique clothes shops and once hunger hits you can choose from several chic restaurants to settle that craving to feast! We all know how hungry shopping makes us all!

Walks along the pier and trips to the farmers market are a must! Hastings really is one of the top seaside towns and will be a pleasant weekend for any looking to retreat to the coast or for a one off beach day. Click here for more information.

Broadstairs – Image: broadstairs.net

Broadstairs – 1hr 17mins by train

Broadstairs is Margate’s and Ramsgate’s little brother/neighbour and can be easily visited if you’re soaking in either of the seaside towns next door. Although smaller than its neighbouring beach towns, Broadstairs offers a wealth of beachfront cafes, restaurants and of course insane amounts of ice cream!

If you’re into your sports as I am, then why not head to the beach and take surfing lessons with the local surf school or if you’re a pro and have your own board, head round to Joss Bay to fulfil your need for wave size and speed! (Tried to throw a TopGun reference in kind of, didn’t really work, love that film though). Click here for more information

Whitstable Beach
Image: Scott Evans Copyright©

Whitstable – 1hr 11mins by train

Whitstable is one of my favourite seaside towns and should not be missed off your seaside list. Known for its oysters (I don’t like them, but I’ve been told they are incredible) Whitstable offers a more relaxed seaside break offering any visitor the change to meander through its harbour-side markets, cobbled lanes and doses of its wonderful charm. Whitstable really is a charming seaside town and a place that will no doubt leave you in a state of zen before heading back to the city. Click here for more information

So, if I haven’t made it clear enough, pack your beach day bag and head to the coast! You’re not cheating on the city, just when you get back use the famous words from Ross on Friends… WE WERE ON A BREAK! 😀

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