Backpacking Through Italy

Italy is easily one of the most beautiful and cultural countries I Europe and although it isn’t the cheapest country to backpack through you should definitely stop for a few days at least. Italy has a wealth of great history and culture that directly impacts the rest of the world and offers something to every backpacker passing through whether they are rich or poor. Why not treat yourself to a few days of backpacking heaven by exploring a country that offers skiing facilities, incredible views over vast mountains, delicious food and a place that will be sure you last a long time in anyone’s memory.

How much does it cost to travel through Italy?

As you can imagine, backpacking through Italy isn’t the cheapest of trips but if you are smart and thrifty with your belongings and money you can make it all stretch a long way. I would recommend that any traveller should plan to budget for at least €50 per day and €1,500 for a month. If you do this then your Italian adventure will be one that people can only dream of.

Where to stay?

There are numerous options when looking for accommodation in Italy. Two options are to check out the ever-popular local hostels or even the newest of comers AirBnB. Both of these options offer stable accommodation for the duration of your stay. If you are looking for something a little different, why not check out a camping facility like the one I visited near Venice. The Camping San Nicolo is a great budget camping facility which I’m sure any backpacker will enjoy.


When to visit Italy?

Italy, unlike other countries, is beautiful not only during the summer but also during the winter months as well. If the summer is more of your thing then why not head over to Italy between May and August to get all of the summer fun you need. The weather does vary from time to time but you will find that their hottest month is August. The temperature during the summer months can be 20 degrees plus with the winter months offering a cool option nearer the 10 degree mark.

Where to eat in Italy

Italy is one of those countries that prides itself on their fine cuisine and eating can be cheap or expensive depending on where you dine. Of course Italy offers a fantastic fine dining experience to those who wish to partake but if you are wiling to shop around and look for an authentic back street restaurant or café then the prices are a lot cheaper. Don’t forget to try some of Italy’s famous breads, cheeses and ice creams to top off your Italian experience.

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