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A Guide To European Car Rental Insurance

Renting a car whilst on holiday can offer you an extra level of freedom, it allows you to explore more of your surroundings and takes away the reliance on unfamiliar public transport services. It also allows for further distances to be travelled and more crammed into those valuable days away from the bustle. Save yourself the commuter drama that is so routine and get yourself behind the wheel, on the open road and check out this guide to european car rental.

Much like renting a car in your home country, renting a car in Europe can have its complications. Confusing insurance policies and hidden clauses can throw you into a bit of trouble if the worst should happen. You need to be on top of the small print! With this in mind, the European car rental company Autoclick have put together this quick guide, to help you get to grips with European car rental insurance.

When renting a car in any country, it is standard for the company to offer you insurance. However, unlike regular car insurance, excesses can be a little higher and there can be stricter t&c’s. The first step is to check what’s included in your cover and the legal requirements. You will want to be covered for damage, theft and third party injury/damage. This omits damages such as putting in the wrong fuel or lost keys but should keep you above board.

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Remember to check the car thoroughly before you accept it, noting any dents or scratches with a member of staff. The excess on car hire claims is often very high, ranging from £500 to £1500. You don’t want to be caught short paying for a scratch you didn’t cause. In addition to this it’s worth looking into excess cover. If you do damage your hire car excesses of this size could ruin your trip. Excess cover costs as little as £3 a day and could save you a lot of money in the long run. Beware of any ‘top-up insurance’ offers, which are often far more costly than sourcing excess cover yourself.

Price comparison sites can help show you the best deals at your destination. They often have star ratings given to different rentals and the key policy details will be set out clearly. It would be a mistake to set down and hope to rent a car from the airport, reserving a car in advance will help you take the time you need and save you money. The same advice goes for the excess cover and any other insurance you may need. Planning ahead is essential!

Your usual insurance may cover you for third-party damages abroad. It’s better to get some insurance that covers a wider range of situations in the interest of peace of mind. Nothing ruins a holiday like an unexpected bill and no one wants to be pinching pennies abroad.

Head over to some comparison sites, plug yourself in and feel the wind in your hair; road trips are back in fashion!

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