Stunning Beaches in Australia

7 Stunning Beaches in Australia to Put on Your List

Australia is a beautiful country with many things to visit and see, one of its best characteristics being its 50,000 kilometres of coastline. Coming from the UK, you will need an eVisitor visa for Australia, a tourist visa that can easily be requested online on websites such as With over 20 hours of flight time from the UK, it is well worth planning your trip in Australia so that once you arrive at your destination, you can get right into exploring.

For your visit, here are 7 stunning beaches in Australia to put on your list.

  • Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is located in Queensland and is home to a number of incredible beaches in general.

For example, there is Burleigh Beach that is great for surfing, a scenic walk along the 4-kilometre pathway, and a casual day with the family.

  • Byron Bay

Byron Bay is located in Lawson Street, Byron Bay, New South Wales.

Byron Bay was once a small hippy town and is now known as one of the best spots in Australia for gorgeous beaches. It has an iconic lighthouse, surfing spots, modern cafes and boutiques, sand beaches and less-crowded spots compared to other spots in Australia.

  • Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach is located in Campbell Parade, Sydney, New South Wales.

Bondi Beach is a classic Australian beach, easily accessible from the city. It is a wonderful spot to spend the day, swim in the cool turquoise water, stop in a cool café for a coffee, people watch, and be surrounded by the energy of the locals and sandstone cliffs.

  • Wineglass Bay

Wineglass Bay is located in Freycinet National Park, Tasmania.

Wingelass Bay is a gorgeous beach that is well known amongst spots in Tasmania. It is a clam-shaped shoreline surrounded by pink granite peaks and gorgeous waters.

  • Cable Beach

Cable Beach is located in Broome, Western Australia.

Cable Beach is a gorgeous spot for stunning sunsets and a 13-stretch of white sand shoreline set against red cliffs.

With its stunning views and incredible beauty at no surprise, it is a favourite amongst locals and even most Australians will say it is a ‘must-see’.

  • Whitehaven Beach

Whitehaven Beach is located on Whitsunday Island, Queensland.

It is voted as by Australians as one of the most beautiful beaches, with its white and soft silica sand that stretches across a 7km stretch of shoreline and crystal clear waters. So if you love super soft sand that doesn’t even get hot and stunning beaches, Whitehaven Beach is a must.

  • 75 Mile Beach

75 Mile Beach is located on Fraser Island, Queensland.

Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world and 75 Mile Beach is  a gorgeous long stretch of multi-coloured sands. You can even find natural Champagne Pools to enjoy a swim here and freshwater lakes more inland. The ocean here is home to a high Tiger Shark population and strong currents so the ocean water is best here for simply enjoying the view of from the gorgeous beach!

These are just 7 among the hundreds of gorgeous beaches in Australia.

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